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The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

With the second largest Chinese community in the UK, Manchester’s link with Chinese culture is strong.

The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (formerly Chinese Arts Centre) is leading the UK in exploring a changing international dynamic. Investigating the most exciting contemporary work coming out of China and East Asia today, CFCCA works with a wide array of partners to embrace a global century where Chinese art is moving firmly centre-stage.

This is China's century and the UK is culturally, as well as economically, a long way from understanding what this means for the global creative community and its audiences. Contemporary art in China and East Asia is a dynamic force, fast gaining momentum, simultaneously driven by and questioning market forces.

CFFCA are leading the sector in showcasing Chinese contemporary art and visual culture, encouraging broader engagement with Chinese contemporary art through a lively and innovative programme of exhibitions, residencies, engagement projects, festivals, international projects and events.

With a proud 27-year history of "first" UK solo exhibitions, featuring exceptional artists that go on to achieve international acclaim, CFCCA is uniquely placed to provide people with dynamic experiences of innovative Chinese contemporary art.

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