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Dunham Massey Hall

A complete country estate with a house, garden and deer park.

A house filled with treasures and stories, an ancient deer park and a garden for all seasons.

Dunham's Lost Years: a Victorian Tale of Love and Abandonment

See the House transformed to revisit its Victorian past. Meet the 7th Earl and his new wife, skilled circus performer Catharine Cox. See their story of love, status and scandal played out throughout the House and discover how they altered the course of Dunham's history forever.

The plantsman's garden, one of the finest in the North West, is a tranquil oasis with something to delight in all seasons.

The herd of fallow deer wander amongst the tree-lined avenues in the ancient Deer Park. The Park is also home to the fully restored 400 year old working sawmill powered by an overshot water.

From 14 May 2016 visit the historic stable buildings. The buildings reveal the comings and goings of the family and their workers, the importance of horses and later the motor car. 

Café, Stables Restaurant, Ice Cream Parlour and Shop.

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