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Don Giovanni

Enjoy a fabulous Italian experience at one of Manchester's longest serving Italian restaurant.

Don Giovanni was established in 1984 and celebrates over 30 years as Manchester's oldest and most trusted authentic Italian restaurant. They are located on Oxford Street adjacent to St Peter's Square in the heart of Manchester city centre.

Don Giovannis are based on a very simple principle. They proudly use only the freshest, tastiest ingredients, the food is all cooked fresh to order in their open plan kitchen, and fresh pasta areas, where diners can see their food being created. 

Wherever possible they use locally sourced ingredients, and scour the local areas and markets to find the best possible.

In the late 1800's, thousand of Italians made new homes amongst the mills and factories in the run down area of Manchester city centre.

Don Giovanni was was created by the families of those inhabitants over 30 years ago and became the pioneers of the modern day Italian food and introduced generations of Mancunians to real Italian food.

Don Giovanni integrated the traditional Italian culture into every dish we created, and will proudly continue to add this true Italian flavour into every meal we create in the future, with innovative modern twists.

For any further information or to book your table visit, call 0161 228 2482 or email

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