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Mrs Love-itt’s

What happens when you innocently make a small batch of Scotch eggs that are so delicious and tasty, more and more people start asking for them?

That was how Peter Lax and his partner Christine Hearne started in December 2010, and now they make over 50 Scotch eggs and 150 pies by hand every week under the name of 'Mrs Love-itt's genuine homemade pies and savouries'.

"We gave one to our local butcher as a Christmas present and he liked it so much he asked us to make another 60 for him to sell in the shop the following week" says Peter. They then decided to try their luck at the local Uppermill Farmer's market and totally sold out. This early success sewed the seed and so they invested in new wiring, new flooring, and new fridges, registered with their local health authority and made a go of it.

Mrs Love-itt's use home grown herbs together with local ingredients such as sausage meat, eggs, lamb and beef, all sourced from within 3-5 miles of their home in Newhey , Oldham. All their products are freshly prepared and totally hand made from start to finish including hand rubbed and hand rolled pastry. Most of the pies are made using old-fashioned recipes handed down by their grandparents and Peter makes them in authentic 150 year old pie and mash tins.

The range includes a traditional Game Pie (duck, venison and rabbit), Steak & Guinness or Steak with red wine & shallots, Cheese & Onion and Chicken with ham & tarragon. They also make hearty sounding Northern specialities such as Pea & Ham Pie, Shepherd's Pie 'Pie', Bangers & Mash Pie, Butter Pie and Lamb Dinky Pie.

You can also find a variety of Pork Pies with toppings that include Balsamic Onion and Local Cheddar cheese as well as various free range Duck & Hen Scotch Eggs and little Quail Scotch Eggs. 

Mrs Love-itt's pies are sold mainly at local farmers markets such as:

1st Saturday of month Cleckheaton

2nd Saturday of month Glossop

2nd Sunday of month Uppermill

3rd Saturday of month Stockport

3rd Sunday of month Holmfirth

Mrs Love-itt's are now starting to get enquiries about supplying local pubs and delis. If you'd like to order some pies or find out more, contact Peter on 01706 849852 or email


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