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Zouk Restaurant

Founded by two entrepreneurial brothers, Zouk is a multi-award-winning restaurant that is refreshing Indian and Pakistani cooking for the health conscious diner with a menu and atmosphere infused with vitality, fun and passion.

Zouk's signature dishes include their famous Indian Sajji Roasts which offer a whole leg of lamb or whole roast chicken marinated in spices and served with spicy roast potatoes and delicious gravy or and their classic Lahori dishes such as Lamb Niharai, Magaz and Paya.

For a more reserved palette, classics such as Butter Chicken or a range of authentic karahis and handis are also on offer.

Customers can book into special classes and learn first-hand from Zouk's Head Chef how to create classic dishes using the Company's signature techniques and ingredients. The class offers a chance for customers to pick up a few trade secrets and learn how to create their favourite Zouk recipes at home.

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