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GAYDIO Dance Arena

A brand new concept for 2013... Manchester Pride brings you the Gaydio Dance Arena.

Line up

Mancheser Pride will be working with some of Manchester's (and beyond!) best DJs and clubnights to bring you a fantastic programme across the weekend.

DJ's include Graeme Park, Stuart Robinson, Phoebe D'Abo and Kriss Herbert.

Each evening will be styled to a specific genre of dance music to give a full and varied programme to suit all dance music tastes.

From deep house to dirty disco, heavy electro to Detroit techno and classic house to sleazy'll be able to get down to your favourite beats until your feet get too tired.

As well as local DJs and producers from the Manchester dance scene, Manchester Pride will be welcoming a few special guests too.


Visit the Manchester Pride website to find out more.

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