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Naomi Kashiwagi's Top 5

Local artist and cake lover Naomi shares her Top 5 places to visit in Manchester.


Whitworth Art Gallery

A beautiful gallery set in the park - it's an absolutely fantastic place to visit for families, students and people new to the city.


Manchester Museum

Not many people know that the museum has a Vivarium with live chameleons, geckos and leaf frogs on permanent display. It's a fascinating, enchanting experience to be in the city and come to the museum to see all these magical creatures.


North Tea Power

They do the most excellent coffee in Manchester, maybe in the North. Plus they do a great range of teas and delicious cakes.



They have a spectacular range of cakes, normally between 10 to 20 different cakes.


John Rylands Library

A hidden treasure in the city, this is a spectacular gothic-style building to explore. It's open to the public and they have a great programme of talks and events, plus a reading room on the top floor.