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Sacha Lord-Marchionne Top 5

Co-founder of The Warehouse Project and Parklife shares his favourite things to see in Manchester


Football attractions

I would jump in a cab (even though its in walking distance) and visit Old Trafford, have a look around the ground and if you can get a ticket to get in there. Soak up the atmosphere, the history and if you can even get a tour of Old Trafford then it’s certainly one of the things I’d do. More info.


Manchester Central

Take a look at my favourite building in Manchester. It used to be called GMEX but now its called Manchester Central. There’s so much history to it as it was originally built to connect Manchester to London in 1880 I think. There’s been so many phenomenal concerts put on in that building, its about 10,000 SQ metres and if you're lucky enough to walk in there when there's nothing on its just a vast empty space but, the ceiling is so special as it's all glass.More info.



This area over the last few years has really come into its own, its like a village in the city - you can spend all day there. In the summer you can sit on the lawn, have a drink in the deckchairs whilst watching films. There are endless restaurants in there, two of which are my favourites, one in my opinion deserves a Michelin star. Manchester House which is my favourite and the other one is Australasia. I’d definitely recommend an outing to Spinningfields. More info.



This is where the River Irwell comes together with the Bridgewater Canal. You can really spend hours walking along the canals in Manchester, and get a real feel for the post industrial period. You can get a real feel for what old Manchester used to feel like. Manchester used to be called the cottonopolis of the world because most of the cotton used to come from Manchester at one stage, and that’s why there’s so many textile factories buried around the canals. So it’s really interesting to walk along and get a real feel for the old gritty Manchester. More info.


Whitworth Art Gallery & HOME

The Whitworth Art Gallery has over 55,000 different pieces in there but it’s a place where you can spend all day, especially recently as its had a refurb. Finally, you can’t visit Manchester without seeing the new contemporary space called HOME. It’s a space for art, media, visuals and the building itself is just incredible, it's well worth going into. More info.