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System One DaySaver

The only tickets giving you unlimited travel on any bus, train or tram in Greater Manchester using one ticket

System One Travel offers a range of day tickets which can be used on a combination of bus, train or tram, anywhere across Greater Manchester. From Bury to Bolton, Stockport to Salford, System One Travel are the only operator in Greater Manchester who offer tickets for any bus*, train or tram in the city, so if you want a flexible, unlimited travel solution for the day - a System One DaySaver is for you!

The DaySaver range includes 'bus only tickets' - giving you a day of unlimited travel on any of the buses in Greater Manchester to a 'bus and tram ticket' - giving you unlimited travel on any bus and tram using one ticket. We even do a bus, train and tram DaySaver ticket which offers unlimited access on any bus, train and tram in Greater Manchester.

We have a DaySaver to suit your travel needs so wherever you want to go, on whatever mode of transport you prefer - we have a DaySaver for you - starting from only £5.20.

Buy your System One DaySaver from the bus driver, at tram stops or train stations on the day of travel - simply just ask for a 'System One DaySaver'.

Check out the full range of System One DaySavers here now

*Accepted by all bus operators in the System One network. See for full list. Children under 16 may be asked for proof of age when purchasing and using the Junior DaySaver.

*Accepted by all bus operators in the System One network. See for full list.

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