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Top 5 things to do at Manchester Museum

The 5 must-see exhibits at Manchester Museum


Egyptian Worlds

As part of the Ancient Worlds galleries you can discover the landscape, customs and practices of the ancient Egyptians. See incredible caskets, mummified remains and countless fascinating objects displayed in a dramatic and thought-provoking way. More info.


The Vivarium

Poison-dart frogs, monitor lizards and stunning chameleons are a few of the beguiling creatures that have a home at Manchester Museum. Come and discover something new about the Museum's frog and amphibian friends. More info.


Nature’s Library

This recently refurbished exhibit is located in Manchester Museum’s Grade II listed galleries. Now with its restored Victorian cabinets and stunningly creative displays, you can discover an array of amazing fossils, illustrations and taxidermy, which demonstrate the culture of collecting. More info.


Big Saturdays and Museum Meets

Once a month the Museum bursts into life for Big Saturdays. Families can encounter the unusual by handling objects from the collections, meeting the scientists and making your own treasures. Museum Meets, a rich and varied adult programme, also delivers social events, lectures, courses and workshops. More info.


Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex

Manchester Museum’s resident T.rex was found in South Dakota, U.S.A, he is 65-70 million years old and now enjoys pride of place in the Fossils Gallery. Come and take an amazing tour of life on earth that reaches back over 3,500 million years. More info.