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Tentacular Spectacular at Sea Life Manchester

SEA LIFE Manchester’s newest resident, Hank, is different to most as there’s not a fin in sight.

Instead he has three hearts, blue blood, eight arms and is one of the marine world's most intelligent creatures - a Giant Pacific Octopus. 

Hank is the starring member of the brand new Octopus Hideout exhibit that will be opening at the family favourite attraction in time for February half term and will give visitors a unique opportunity to come face to sucker with a collection of super brainy, multi-legged creatures, including the Giant Pacific Octopus and his cuttlefish cousins.

Providing a real insight into the lives and intelligence of these quirky creatures, Octopus Hideout takes visitors on a journey into the deep, where they can marvel at the fascinating antics of these incredible cephalopods and try to spot the octopuses as they disguise themselves in their new home, fitting into spaces that didn't seem possible.

With specially designed tanks, brightly coloured and reminiscent of the psychedelic 60s, visitors will be able to test their own wits with challenging puzzles and interactive features, illustrating the unique talents of the octopus family. 

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