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Code To Exit

CODE to EXIT is a popular escape game in which the teams experience a not so everyday thrill and adrenaline rush. There are no physical fear factors involved. The game is all about engaging with your team and enjoying the experience of finding clues, solving puzzles and riddles in a fun and safe environment. You can choose from: Room 1 - The Blueprint In this rom you will have an exciting quest. The goal is search and acquisition of the blueprints of hydrogen bomb prior to the construction of the real bomb. Then return it into the future via the time gate. In order to achieve this goal you have to find the lost parts of the time machine, install them and repair it. Room 2 - The Test An alien life force has been experimenting with the human DNA. They tempered with few of us and mixed their genes with ours. You are being abducted to complete the tests and find out if it was successful. Are you intelligent enough to represent our species? If you pass you will be set free. Room 3 - Commming soon These activities are great for birthday parties, hen and stag parties, team building with work colleauges, and just to have fun with your friends and family.

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