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Rainy City Roller Derby Maximum Skills Bootcamp

Rainy City Roller Derby Maximum Skills Bootcamp

28 February 2016

In this bootcamp Rainy City A-team skaters Bruise Em Banshee, Liz is How We Do It, Veronikilla and GoGo Chanel will break down skills such as juking, jumping, spinning and stopping. Guaranteed you will leave feeling inspired with so many new things to practise. Maximum skills bootcamp Time: 11.00 – 3.30 These experienced Rainy City A-team skaters will teach you all about advancing your edge work skating forwards, backwards and laterally. This bootcamp is for both male and female skaters at the beginner to intermediate level. Post minimums skaters only. Bring layers, snacks and liquid! All funds go towards helping the Rainy City A-team with their trip to the USA this Summer.

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The Thunderdome
First Floor
53-54 King Street

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