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Oliviccio is a Saddleworth company dedicated to providing the best in mediterranean fine food which was started in 2007. Oliviccio is local produce deli and isn't a shop.

They attend several North West farmers' markets and offer a ‘Deli To Your Door’ home delivery service in the Saddleworth area.

They dress and stuff olives with fresh herbs and the finest ingredients. Most of the olives are Greek, and are not pasteurised, so retain their flavour and crunch. They soak them prior to use to remove much of their natural over-saltiness.

The meze range includes homemade houmous, tzatziki, pestos and tapenades. They also stock a wide variety of quality antipasti items such as feta stuffed red chilli peppers, dolmades, gigantes, Italian chargrilled artichokes, sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes, spanakopita, baklava, home made Greek-style rose delight and mediterranean bar snacks.

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