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Ziferblat is a new kind of “anti-café” space founded in Russia by Ivan Meetin. The venue charge just 5 pence per minute per person to use their giant living room space, and all tea, coffee, biscuits,cakes, soft drinks and snacks are free.


Ziferblat defn. Russian = clockface.


Visitors can help themselves to all of the kitchen goodies. All drinks and snacks are free, including cakes, fresh coffee, tea varieties, biscuits, fruits, breads, cereals, brownies, juices and some super strength 100MB Wi-Fi. In this shared space you are free to work, study, relax, hold a meeting or workshop, read a book, play piano, get acquainted with good people and attend one of the many activities or events. Each guest becomes a micro tenant of the space and Ziferblat hosts will welcome visitors anytime.


Founded in Moscow by Ivan Meetin back in 2011, as a "treehouse for adults" or an anti-cafe. Ziferblat also has 5 events and meeting rooms available in different styles:

    -3000sqft Living Room -Arts Studio -School Classroom -Russian Lounge -Dining Room      

These are all charged at the Ziferblat rate of 6 pence per minute per person with full access to the Ziferkitchen, 100mb Wi-Fi and projection facilities included.


Everything is free inside except for the time you spend there. By paying for time visitors will be making a donation towards growing this idea.


For more information visit the booking link.


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07714 468257

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