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The Ruby Lounge

The Ruby Lounge

The Ruby Lounge is a bespoke 375 capacity live music venue (& 600 capacity club space) bang in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter and a venue Manchester has always deserved. A place for all that brutal, ugly, desperate and vicious Rock’n'Roll but all delivered withinthe kind of joint that doesn’t expect people to live with the lowest common denominator - quite the opposite.

The Ruby Lounge is flash without being showy. Lived in without being beat up. Rock’n'Roll without being clichéd. Timeless but not tired. The Ruby Lounge nods from the 21st century to all those perfect 1950’s Lounges and to a time where live venues gave a damn about the people enjoying them. It’s a perfect hang out with a loud-as-hell PA and a venue with all the trimmings.

Expect live shows and bands most every night - big, wild, loud, thrilling, smeared & sultry live bands. Great Rock’n'Roll bands - no filler.

The Ruby Lounge also opens real late with a selection of superb club nights stretching into the evening plus we’ve one hell of a great bar that won’t break the bank.

Frank of course also said… “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy”.

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Location Details

28-34 High Street
Northern Quarter
M4 1QB

Visit Website0161 834 1392

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