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Shout A Cab

Shout A Cab

Shout A Cab is a new Manchester based company who have developed this exciting secure, web-based technology and apps to make phoning for a cab a thing of the past. Shout A Cab operates out of The Sharp Project, Manchester which is an EU/Government initiative for Tech Start Up Companies.

Their approach is to work with Hackney Carriage Drivers so as to offer them the benefits of a large organisation whilst still giving them the independence to be their own boss. The system offers drivers an additional revenue stream whilst offering better customer service as potential passengers do not have to go looking for a cab the cab comes to them.

Benefits for the passenger

Free to use

• Book a Black Cab rather than a Private Hire quickly and easily, online or using your smartphone without the need for phone calls

• Track your cab on screen, and watch it coming to collect you in real time

• All Shout A Cabs are fitted with CCTV for safety and security

• Communicate with your driver once your journey is booked without having to pass on your personal number

• Targeted in-car advertising will show you latest offers in your surrounding area

• No waiting around outside in the cold and wet

• In cab chip and pin debit / credit card facilities

• Passenger compartment that seats up to 5 people

Benefits for drivers

• Shout A Cab puts them directly in touch with customers that would not necessary book a Black Cab whilst allowing the driver complete independence

• The drivers can avoid waiting at ranks, and help keep cab traffic flowing around the city

• Stay in constant communication with the system using GPS and 3G

• All Shout A Cabs are fitted with CCTV for safety and security

• Group buying opportunities

• Simple way to manage account work

• System automatically offers the jobs out to the closest drivers

What are you waiting for Shout A Cab by going online or download the free app now.

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Location Details

The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ

Visit Website0161 850 0167

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