National Record Store Day is an opportunity for music lovers to come together and celebrate the city’s legendary music scene.

From the iconic Piccadilly Records to the cosy confines of Vinyl Exchange, to newer additions like Tasty Records over in Altrincham, all these venues alike allow music fans to explore, discover and reminisce over Greater Manchester’s famous musical heritage.

And with the resurgence of vinyl, it has become one for the calendars!

Ones not to miss:

1. Piccadilly Records - 53 Oldham St, Manchester

This National Record Store Day, Piccadilly Records have picked over 340 of the best sought-after special releases, so hopefully there’s something for everyone!

2. Vinyl Exchange - 18 Oldham St, Manchester

Vinyl Exchange is now the largest seller and buyer of rare and second-hand records in the North of England so make sure to pay them a visit this National Record Store Day. 

3. Tasty Record Shop - 25 Regent Rd, Altrincham

Tasty Records, over in Altrincham is an Independent Record Store that offers a mix of second hand and new records to browse, the shop is kept around 50/50

4. Clampdown Records - 9-11 Paton St, Manchester

Clampdown Records is another Independent Record Store in Manchester and specialise in Rock, Punk, Indie, Funk, Soul, Jazz.

5. Eastern Bloc - 5A Stevenson Square, Manchester

Eastern Bloc Records positions itself as a record store for ‘the true vinyl purist’. They specialise in Techno, Drum & Bass, House, Jungle, Broken Beat, Electro, Dubstep, Ambient, Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin, Afro, Reggae, Jazz & everything else in between.

6. Beatin Rhythm! - Warwick St, Prestwich

Beatin Rhythm! Records are the UK’s favourite seller of Northern, Modern, Funk & Rare Soul and have a fantastic selection of sought-after & rare Soul 45’s as well as the latest re-issues and new releases.

7. Sifters Records - 177 Fog Ln, Manchester

Sifters Records is an affordable second-hand record shop in Manchester. Noel Gallagher wrote once, “Mr Sifter sold me songs when I was just 16”. And the store still lives on 30 years on.

8. Vinyl Revival - 5 Hilton St, Manchester

Vinyl Revival was established in 1997 and specialise in local bands from the 60′s to present day. They have a vast range of vinyl, cd’s, t shirts and posters related to this city’s great musical heritage.

9. All Night Flight Records - 10 Mealhouse Brow, Stockport

All Night Flight Records deals predominately in left-field, experimental, electronic and worldwide sounds located over in Stockport.