Manchester stories that have shaped the modern world.

Rolls Royce

In 1904 Frederick Royce produced the first car from his factory in Cooke Street, Hulme. He soon attracted the attention of Charles Rolls and following a meeting in the Midland Hotel, they set up the famous company bearing their names.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC)

The TUC was founded in The Three Crowns pub in Salford. The first general meeting of the TUC was held in 1868 at the Mechanics Institute, Princess Street.


In 1803 John Dalton developed his atomic theory in the city of Manchester. The atom was split for the first time by Ernest Rutherford in an experiment at Manchester University in 1919.


The Hallé orchestra, the UK’s oldest symphony orchestra (and the fourth oldest in the world), was founded in 1857 by German conductor and pianist Charles Hallé to perform at the Manchester Art Treasures exhibition.

The Football League

In 1888 the world’s first professional football league was set up at the Royal Hotel, Piccadilly.




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