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Asma Younus, travel, food & lifestyle blogger at gives us some alternative (and fun!) ideas to stay active.

Reggae Yoga

Reggae Yoga is designed to help you build strength, stretch and sweat whilst listening to the uplifting beats of a roots reggae soundtrack. Eirian teaches Vinyasa flow, a fast-paced style of yoga, with smooth, swift moves that come across as almost dance-like. Classes are held weekly at The Wonder Inn, an old 18th century listed building now used as a wellness centre in the trendy Northern Quarter neighbourhood and is open to all levels. Book or drop in to bring those tired muscles back to life in time with the cool rhythms of Jamaica.

Cloud aerial arts

Ever fancied becoming an acrobat? Well now you can at least learn some of the skills. Cloud aerial arts run a number of classes such as Aerobalance, Aerial Hoop and flight school designed to teach you the most popular moves and transitions to get you gliding through the stunts. Most aerial classes increase not only strength, but also work on flexibility, with exercises designed to help you reach your goals. Aerial dance requires a strong core and upper body strength so this is the perfect activity for those wanting to tone up and build some abs.

Manchester Climbing Centre

Although Manchester is home to more hills than mountains, there are plenty of opportunities to experience climbing. A challenging sport that works your entire body and satisfies those with an adventurous side. There are a number of centres around the city where you can improve your energy levels by practicing climbing in its purest form. For those wanting an unusual experience, Vertical Chill has created an ice wall, a realistic test environment for those wanting to learn winter climbing techniques. You'll need to wrap up for that one.

Manchester Bees Dodgeball Training Sessions

Most of us remember playing dodgeball back in school and now the Manchester Bees have taken this sport to championship levels. The club caters for all types of players of all abilities and encourage people to be part of their swarm. Weekly sessions focus on developing the skills needed to fine tune those reaction times and will also help those wanting to improve their game. Serious dodgeballers can join the team or drop in classes are available for the casual gamers simply looking for fun ways to get more active.

Airborne Fitness

Trampolining has fast become a sport that appeals to all. With that in mind, trampoline park Oxygen have started Airborne Fitness, one hour of high intensity, low impact structured exercise. Routines are mixed in with jumps to help burn fat while building, toning and defining different muscle areas. Many top health channels have claimed that jumping on a trampoline can burn three times the number of calories you would normally burn whilst running. Bouncing also increases your endorphin levels so you re bound to have a great time too!




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