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Dinosaurs in the Wild takes visitors on the voyage of a lifetime. Board your time machine, leave the 21st Century behind and your adventure begins – in the blink of an eye, the time-jump technology will transport you back 67 million years to the monstrous paradise of the Late Cretaceous Period. You’ll get closer to dinosaurs than you ever imagined possible – right at the heart of the action! – and see living dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops with your very own eyes, roaming free in their natural environment.

As you’ll discover, dinosaur tourism is quite unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Think of your Dinosaurs in the Wild TimeBreak as like going on the ultimate safari, except you’ll be travelling back in time to an incredible scientific research station, TimeBase 67, to experience what life was really like amongst the dinosaurs, in their world, at their time.

Time travel waits for no one, so our tours to the deep past will be leaving according to a strict schedule from the dedicated Dinosaurs in the Wild departure lounge at Manchester’s EventCity from 7 October.

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