Take the UK’s first fully interactive walking tour powered by augmented reality.

With a smartphone in hand, the Buzzin app will guide you to each new location via a digital map. Once there, you can use the AR camera to interact with a holographic tour guide, who tells the story of what pioneering occurrence has happened in the location you’re stood in, both past and present.

From the first ever meeting of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce and consequent formation of Rolls Royce, to the splitting of the atom, there’s no shortage of stories to tell.

You can find the City of Firsts plaques all over Manchester. Just look for the big green hexagons with a massive ‘1’ on the front. You can’t miss them.

Even better: they’re made from materials inspired by Manchester’s rich history of music, media and fashion. The faces are recycled CDs and DVDs and the bases are made from old shoes and other plastics.

What are you waiting for? Download the Buzzin app now... (available on Apple and Android), find a plaque, follow the instructions on your phone and watch your tour guide come to life.




  1. Ed Glinert
    Visit Manchester, why are you promoting a tour with fake history? Rolls & Royce did NOT meet at the Midland Hotel!

    Let's have some properly researched history rather than handed down clichés.
  2. Kev
    Hey Ed, where did they meet then?
  3. Bob
    Are you worried that a virtual tour guides going to take your job Ed?

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