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This summer, something different is happening at Chester Zoo…

Discover NEW spaces within the zoo’s favourite places, experience head-turning moments, breath-taking experiments and POP UP performers!

Celebrate the AMAZING worlds of the zoo’s 21,000 incredible animals and BRILLIANT gardens. Let your imagination run wild and experience a whole new dimension to Chester Zoo; one that’s been created in collaboration with talented artists, landscape designers, scientists and entertainers.

Chester Zoo has transformed spaces into unique worlds, all inspired by the incredible work of their conservationists, scientists and the amazing wildlife found at the zoo. There are 15 individual interactive installations to discover and explore…

Get a taste of the festival before you enter the zoo with a colourful display of bespoke prints.  Transitions is a beautiful fine-art installation, influenced by the many threatened plants and animals Chester Zoo work to protect around the world, which transforms the entrance of the zoo.

Discover a vibrant and playful audio-visual walk through that will take you on a mini sensory safari – all created using plant data.  The Awekids Grassland Village brings together nature, science and technology and will leave you in awe of plants! 

Fabric Lenny, one of the collaborators of The Awekids Grasslands, who specialises in animation and art, explains:

“The Awekids Grasslands Village is all about plants!  We want to celebrate the amazing National Plant collections held by the zoo whilst creating a series of structures and environments that promote reflection, intrigue and curiosity. Much of the work presented in these environments has been developed directly from biometric data harvested from the plants themselves.”

Discover the sound plants make in The Awekids Grassland Village  

Jump into the secret and tiny world of the sleepiest of creatures in the interactive installation, Dormouse Garden.

If you’re looking for a reflective space, then take a wander through the Pheromone Zone and The Botanist’s Lab.  Both offer unique experiences, combining mind-blowing science with the beauty of nature.  You can even get comfortable in one of the over-sized Talking Chairs and listen closely to interesting facts about animals at the zoo.

Pheromone Zone

Get close to some buzz-tastic residents in The Honey Bee Garden, where you can discover more about natural bee keeping and why bees are so important.  Or visit some other little critters when you take a wander down Insect Avenue and see Arthropods; 5-star accommodation for insects!

Visit the natural honey bee garden

Peek into the private goings on in the plant world with our trio of intimate Victorian-style peeps shows dotted around the zoo and discover What the Botanist Saw.  Explore the wonderful and intriguing worlds of incredible trees in a whole new light in a series of installations which put the spotlight on the zoo’s most intriguing tree species!

On top of all the amazing installations, there’s also an exciting programme of events for all ages to enjoy!  One of the artists performing at the Wild Worlds festival is Science Communicator and Rapper, Jon Chase, who produces science raps and workshops to inspire people of all ages.  Having worked with NASA, the Open University, BBC Learning and CBeebies, Jon has now teamed up with Chester Zoo to create a rap especially for Wild Worlds. 

Jon tells us more about his involvement in the festival and why he believes knowledge should be made available in a number of different ways to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to access it.

“It’s important to find more creative ways to get science across to people; it can often come across as a very dry subject.  Science is the study of the natural world, so anything that you say about the natural world is relevant to science.  Sometimes it’s not about the equations, it’s about remembering the natural world and that initial curiosity we have for it, ways to put it across and ways to represent it.

“I think Wild Worlds is WICKED!  It’s literally STEAM in action - it’s the collaboration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths!  It’s crazy to see what the other Wild Worlds collaborators have come up with too – they are ridiculously good!

Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo is a festival for every one! 

Discover more, see a full list of events and spaces, and book your tickets at Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo
Unique Experiences
Children amazed by a chameleon at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is home to over 21,000 endangered and exotic animals based in beautiful, award-winning gardens and is the nearest large zoo to Manchester. With over 500 different animal species in their 125 acres, visitors are sure to have an adventure discovering and learning about the amazing wildlife.

Chester Zoo Day trip
Chester Zoo Day trip

Enjoy your day at Chester Zoo, one of the UK’s leading zoos. With 20,000 wild and wonderful animals including 500 exotic and endangered species there is so much to see and do in the 125 hectares of grounds and gardens, a fantastic day out for all ages.

Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo
Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo

Discover new spaces within the zoo’s favourite places, experience head-turning moments, exciting experiments and pop up performers!



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