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11am – 1pm November 25th

On the 25th November a statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be unveiled outside Manchester Cathedral, in a public event which will be attended by distinguished guests from the UK Government and the Government of India.

To mark the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, a 9ft high bronze statue has been crafted by renowned Indian artist Ram V Sutar.

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur (SRMD), a worldwide spiritual movement headquartered in India, is behind the initiative, which is supported by Manchester Cathedral, Manchester City Council, Manchester India Partnership and the High Commission of India.

The unveiling is at 12:15pm on Monday 25 November, and will be preceded by an interfaith service on Non-violence, Peace & Unity from 11am at Manchester Cathedral.

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11am: Interfaith service of Non-violence, Peace & Unity hosted by Manchester Cathedral (Invitation only). Readings, poetry and songs.

Open to the public - events inside the Cathedral will be shown on a large screen outside.

12 noon: Unveiling Ceremony, Cathedral Approach.

Celebrations with dance and music from Manchester University students, The Voice finalist Natasha Seth of the Parrs Wood School choir, Indian dancers, before the statue is unveiled.




  1. Shekhar Bodhakar
    There is another side to the story that people are not aware of. The protest on 21 November by the "Alliance Against Gandhi Statues" was a great victory for not only setting milestone against Gandhism but challenging Manchester Council for choosing to honour a figure like Gandhi who had questionable moral rectitude. The Gandhi myth was given a blow when the protesters distributed leaflets to the general public in front of the Manchester Council Townhall. Members of the public gave great enthusiastic response and engaged In discussion and conversations exploring Gandhis background and relevance during Indian Independence struggle and the role of Gandhi when addressing himself to western audience demanding freedom yet denying equality to people of India in particular victims of caste discrimination by upholding onto obscurantist views in relation to the caste system being its staunchest defender.

    The Mancunians proved to very receptive to the harsh truth about Gandhi's racist attitudes and his sexual experiments that he undertook after his wife passed away in 1944. After which Gandhi began to abuse his authority and began to sleep with his grand nieces Manu and Abha and his personal physician Dr Sushila Nayyar.

    Abha was the wife of Gandhi's gradnephew Kanu Gandhi . Gandhi had been sleeping with her since Abha was 16 and also continued albeit in limited way during here marriage to Kanu Gandhi.

    Manu was a 19 year old greandniece who had lost her mother at 12 and been cared for by Kasturba and in return , when she was 16 , had nursed Kasturba in her final illness. After Kasturba's death Gandhi, became a 'mother' to the girl but later Gandhi slept naked with her during his sexual experiments and trials. Gandhi also slept with Dr Sushila Nayyar who was his personal physician.
    Gandhi was well over 75 years when he was conducting sexual experiments with women within his circle.

    During one of the episodes after India gained independence Hindu/Muslim riots broke out. Two weeks after Independence Day an angry crowd of young men bent on violence forced their way into the house of Gandhi where he was staying in Calcutta, smashing doors, windows and ceiling fans . Gandhi was in bed between Abha and Manu.

    Gandhi's racist views and his attitude towards Blacks in south Africa are well documented .

    It is curious why Manchester Council under the leadership of Andy Burnham should approve unveiling of Gandhi Gandhi Statue at Manchester Cathedral. Does the Council feel guilty of British colonialism imperialism and see this as an opportunity to repair the damage of the past or is it sending a signal to the Indian Government to improve bi-lateral relations with India with an eye on trade.

    Has Manchester Council lost its moral compass? What answer will it give to school children , young girls and women to justify the decision to install Gandhi statue outside Manchester Cathedral a religious place ?

    The protest was a first of its kind to highlight moral dichotomy and fake projection of a historical figure.

    Reference, "The Naked Gandhi" by Jad adams

    1. Rangila (kinky) Gandhi by L R.Bali Bheem Patrick
    2."Gandhi under cross examination" and "Gandhi behind the mask of divinity" by Col G.B. Singh
    "What congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables" by Dr B.R Ambedkar
    3. "Collective Works of Gandhi" available free at

    Email for further information

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