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A major exhibition of football shirts will make its full debut online.

Strip! How Football Got Shirty, opened at the National Football Museum in November and has been a huge hit with visitors.

With the museum closed during the coronavirus crisis, curators have now transferred highlights from the physical exhibition to the internet.

Visitors can enjoy in-depth analysis, opinion, and discussion by the exhibition curators and shirt industry insiders into what makes certain shirts so special.

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As part of the online action, the nation is also asked to take part in the ultimate poll to decide the Greatest Shirt of All Time (G.O.A.T).

For the first time vote whether Crystal Palace away (1976-77) is really better than Juventus (1989-90) or if Wales (1976-79) can really put Denmark (1986-88) to the sword. 

Watch interviews with Ina Franzmann - designer of the classic Adidas 1988-1991 West Germany shirt, hear from present day kit creators from top brands, and read about the modern day shirts which carry ethical and environmental messages.

Strip! How Football Got Shirty, opened at the National Football Museum in November.

It explores the design of 200 football jerseys, unpicking the global fascination with shirts and how they have influenced football culture, design, fashion and technology.

The exhibition examines how football shirts have developed from mere kit to genuine objects of desire, looking at the design of the football shirt, from the functional to the aesthetic, influential designers and manufacturers and the rise of the football hipster, as well as detailing iconic shirts and shirt disasters.

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