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Despite being closed, Salford's Working Class Movement Library have been working hard to make a number of resources available from home. 

Including online talks, hidden treasures from their collections, learning resources and online exhibitions, you can make the most of the opportunity to explore the past, change the future from the comfort of your own home. 

Check out the top 10 ways to explore Salford's Working Class Movement Library from Home. 


Working Class Movement Library
Working Class Movement Library inside

Discover more about the workers who strived for recognition before, during and after the Industrial Revolution at Salford's unique library.



  1. Kelly Vesper
    It's great to see organizations like Salford's Working Class Movement Library adapting to the challenges of the pandemic and finding innovative ways to make their resources available to the public. It really helped me when I worked on my term paper on discourse community. I've found here a lot of useful info, and along with this database of ready-made content I did a great job and got an excellent mark. These resources can provide valuable insights and perspectives on historical events, social movements, and other working-class history and culture topics, which can be incorporated into academic coursework or research projects. Overall, initiatives like this testify to the importance of making education accessible and available to everyone, regardless of physical location or circumstances.

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