Manchester Craft and Design Centre’s talented community of makers have kept calm and carried on making during these unprecedented times. Home to over 40 small creative businesses, in line with the rest of the country they had to close the doors of their historic Victorian Fish Market building in the Northern Quarter back in March. The designers, artists and makers that worked there have taken their workshops home, setting up innovative places to sew, pewter smith, create ceramics and more, so they can craft at home and carry on making.  

During these difficult times for small businesses, the team at the Craft Centre have worked tirelessly to support their makers by offering rent relief and business support to help see them through.  

Manchester Craft and Design Centre is encouraging those shopping online to support local independents by buying handmade gifts online - a vital way you can show your support and keep local small businesses going. There’s a fantastic range of gifts to spoil your loved ones with, or to order as a treat for yourself. From ceramic vases with smiley faces on that are perfect as plant holders, to bespoke jewellery, paintings, face masks and more, this talented bunch have the perfect handmade gifts for you to show some love to those you may not have seen for a while.  

A new MCAD Craft at Home website has links to the makers’ online selection of products. You can shop via Instagram, their websites, or Facebook, or contact them directly if you have any questions or bespoke requests. The Centre are also encouraging donations to help them continue to provide necessary relief for their creative community in the difficult months ahead, and you can show your support by donating at the MCAD Craft at Home site Show your Support page. 

Director of Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Kate Day, said: “These have been difficult times for makers and crafts people across the North West. As the economy recovers, it will be more important than ever to show your support for local makers by shopping with them online – every purchase really does help both financially and to boost morale to carry on making.” 

As well as championing the value of buying handmade craft to bring extra joy to your life, the team have designed family friendly #MCADMakerBees activities for you to craft at home and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of making.

The Manchester Bee has been a symbol of unity for over 150 years and the team wanted to celebrate the busy key workers that have helped keep our region going during the Coronavirus pandemic. Hang your bees up in your window to show your support or share pictures of your buzzing creations using #MCADMakerBees.  

Manchester Craft and Design Centre hopes to welcome makers and visitors back later this year and will be sharing regular updates via their social media channels.  

In the meantime, show some support for our region’s makers and discover full instructions for all six bees to craft at home, at:  


Manchester Craft and Design Centre
Antique/Craft Centre
Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Manchester Craft and Design Centre is home to over 19 studio shops home to some of the region’s most talented designers and makers. You can see the makers at work, discover what they do, and find that special handmade gift or souvenir to take home with you.



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