The A&S Leisure Group are thrilled to open the doors to their new Napoleons Casino & Restaurant in Manchester at 57 Portland Street on September 24th, 2020. 

This exciting project has injected £8m into the 1,450m2 venue to boast a show-stopping interior design with high-end finishings. Partnering with Chapman Taylor’s Castlefield office and specialist contractor ISG at MediaCityUK, brought together an award-winning practice of architects and renowned construction innovation to Napoleons Manchester. 

Together, they delivered a modern twist on the classic casino environment, fit with luxury detailing throughout. Commissioning the partnership elevated Napoleons Manchester to become a casino that boasts a luxurious private dining room, stunning restaurant, and striking cocktail bar overlooking the gaming area. 

Peter Hirsch, Senior Architect at Chapman Taylor, comments: “This bespoke, high-quality leisure destination in central Manchester, which creates a next-generation gaming experience, has been a superb example of how working with an ambitious and forward-thinking client alongside a proactive construction team can bring about a unique and memorable interior environment. It has been very enjoyable to collaborate with A&S Leisure and ISG and to see our design come to life so successfully.”

Developers in hard hats

Tim Harvey, Regional Director at ISG said: “Napoleons Casino & Restaurant is driving the gaming industry in Manchester, combining high-end facilities and luxurious interiors in a venue which is set to become a leading attraction to the city’s many visitors. The seamless completion of this project is testament to the strong working relationships developed. The A&S Leisure Group had an in-depth understanding of the fit out process, and we worked closely to deliver this modern, stylish casino.”

Steve Doran, Contracts Director for Gariff, ISG's sub-contractor for bespoke joinery on the scheme, commented: “Napoleons Casino & Restaurant presented a unique opportunity for ourselves and a mix of local partners, to bring an all new state-of-the-art gaming facility to the streets of Manchester. Being a local supplier ourselves, it has been an honour to collaborate and work as part of a truly enigmatic team, led by ISG, to contribute to this stunning finished article.”

The project has been years in the making and marks a return to Manchester for Dave Allen, A&S Leisure Chairman who, as a younger man, regularly performed in the city with his band at the Ritz Ballroom on Oxford St before moving on to the business of nightclubs and casinos, years later.


Napoleons Casino, Bar & Restaurant
Napoleons Casino, Bar & Restaurant

After years in the making and an £8M investment, the show-stopping Napoleons Casino, Bar & Restaurant opens its doors on 24th September 2020.



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