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Just like our city, there is a lot of diversity when it comes to pancakes. Luckily for you we have rounded up quite possibly the best flippin' pancake places we've got.

So, whether you're here as Pancake Day is approaching or maybe in your life you don't live by societal rules and perhaps for you, everyday is Pancake Day - you have come to the right place! 

Warning, this blog might make you hungry!

The Koffee Pot

A well-established café in Manchester, who have been opening their doors since 1978 and this place does not hold back on the stack! The all-American pancakes are the talk of the town, question is, are you bac-on or off?

84-86 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE

Moose Coffee

Located close to Piccadilly Station, this is a top American Canadian brunch spot so you really can’t go wrong popping in here on Pancake Day. Moose Coffee does not mess about when it comes to toppings. Fear of your pancakes drying up? This place offers endless maple syrup! – just ask the server.

8a Gateway House Station Approach Piccadilly Station, Manchester M1 2GH
and 20 York St, Manchester M2 2BB

19 Café Bar

If you’re after a simple lemon and sugar, this ain’t the place for you. In the heart of our Northern Quarter you’ve got Willy Wonka’s answer to pancakes. Oreo, Biscoff, Bueno, all the big named bars are disassembled and melted to accompany 19 Cafe Bar’s fluffy pancakes…if you’re not a fan of the brands then there are the modest toppings still on offer too. All with a healthy drizzle of chocolate sauce or syrup.

19 Lever St, Manchester M1 1BY

Hampton and Vouis

Hampton and Vouis focuses on a flexitarian diet and make all their pancakes using a vegan based recipe. If you can’t choose between Biscoff or Bueno, fear not, this place combines both! With lots of chocolate and biscuit sauce, crumble and wafers + there is also always the option to add additional berries – for balance of course.

31 Princess St, Manchester M2 4EW

Fuwa Fuwa

A bit different to your average pancake, Fuwa Fuwa offers a traditional flavoured pancake but with a twist! Fuwa Fuwa meaning ‘Fluffy Fluffy’ in Japanese, these pancakes are made from a spongey souffle and are indeed very fluffy. With lashings of cream and fruit to accompany, as well as sweet drizzles and interesting flavours such as Matcha Tiramisu!

The Fuwa Fuwa drink selection is also popping with flavours!

Carding Building, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 3NR

Remedy Kitchen

Wanting some pancakes without the guilt? Remedy kitchen make their food with love and consideration for your health…all food is made gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, including their pancakes! Remedy Kitchen does not hold back on toppings either; their protein pancakes are served with a blackberry compote, fresh blackberry, grapes, strawberries, vanilla coconut yoghurt, pumpkin seed, toasted oat, maple and lemon balm…AND BREATHE…

Carding Building, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 3NR

Café North

Café North provide the most traditional pancakes there are! The warm, home-made pancakes are served with the freshest of toppings! A choice from multiple fruits, banana, yoghurt, Nutella, syrup and streaky bacon, all for a very reasonable price too! And yes this place is located north of the city centre.

66 Shudehill, Manchester M4 4AA

Everlyn's Café & Bar

Located on Tib Street Everyln make some superb buttermilk pancakes. The customer favourite pancake Everlyn keeps on their menu all year round, is enough for this place to be a contender, alone. Two words, honeycomb butter. The Café & Bar also make some tasty cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic – it is only a Tuesday?

44 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LA


If you’re craving savoury as you’re already sweet enough then get yourself to NAM my friend. Not only are their Pandan pancakes vegan they are also packed with lots of flavours from Vietnam! The Vietnamese crepes also come with the choice of chicken, pork and prawn or tofu! And for those who are in need of sweetening up, NAM also offer a fruity alternative with syrup – delicious!

Unit 2, 33 Blossom St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6AJ


Being an antipodean coffee bar, Federal know what it’s like being on the flip side. With locations in Deansgate, Northern Quarter and Oxford Road there’s plenty of pancakes to go round! Hopefully Gordon Ramsey isn’t reading this, but French toast and pancakes are basically the same thing right? Federal also do amazing things with their French toast! So if you’re not a fan of the pan-cake you can still join in the fun!

  • Unit 2, 33 Blossom St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6AJ,
  • Unit B2 - 2, Circle Square, Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7FS
  • 9 Nicholas Croft, Manchester M4 1EY


Federal Cafe & Bar
Federal Cafe & Bar

New Zealand and Australian coffee shop and bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Koffee Pot
Koffee Pot

The Koffee Pot is a Mancunian institution, serving up hearty no-nonsense breakfasts and other much loved British classics to the good people of Manchester.

Moose Coffee
Moose Coffee

Founded in 2006, Moose Coffee grew from a love for the great American breakfast culture, and provides an American Canadian-influenced breakfast and brunch experience.

The Remedy Kitchen
Health Food
The Remedy Kitchen

The Remedy Kitchen is Manchester's 1st and only gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free cafe-restaurant.



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