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  1. Manchester

    Cemeteries may be seen as places primarily associated with death, but there is a Northern artist – Debbie Sharp – who is working to celebrate cemeteries and the lives behind the headstones. She has recently begun work as artist in residence at...

  2. Manchester

    A couple of streets away from Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints campus, in the backstreets of Hulme, a truly terrifying music video has recently been created for North West based band Evil Blizzard. Their single ‘Unleash The Misery’...

  3. Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

    During the great advances of industrialisation in Northern England, Manchester gained City status in 1853. 26 years later, ‘On the ninth day of October A.D. 1879’ (As Joseph Heron the town clerk put it) the mayor of the City, Alderman Charles Sydney...

  4. Salford

    If you haven’t seen Ordsall Hall, it is certainly a striking sight – and something you may not first expect in this urban area of Salford.

  5. Manchester

    Northeast of Manchester city centre, in an area now known as the ‘Green Quarter’, a place with a particularly gruesome history is there to be discovered; St Michael’s Flags and Angel Meadow. It can be found between Rochdale Road and the River Irk,...

  6. Manchester

    Simon Buckley is an artist and creator of Not Quite Light, a project which explores the city at dawn, looking at themes of heritage and regeneration. He also is creative director of the Not Quite Light Weekend, a creative collaboration festival in...

  7. Manchester

    There are a number of burial sites and cemeteries in Manchester which have themselves been buried over the years – whether by layers of history or new structures. Here Michala Hulme gives an account of some of the city's secrets...

  8. Manchester

    The appointment of a writer-in-residence, Hannah Kate, at Clayton Hall marks an exciting development in the celebration and exploration of this historic location. HAUNT Manchester decided to talk to Hannah to find out more about her work and plans...

  9. Manchester

    A former car showroom buried under the atmospheric arches of Deansgate Castlefield is now one of Manchester’s biggest cutting-edge arts venues. Welcome to 53two, a place ‘For artists, by artists’ with ‘limitless possibilities’ according to the...

  10. Manchester

    Underneath Manchester’s All Saints Park is a hidden history – an estimated 16,000 bodies. For this was the site of a former Victorian Cemetery, set up to cater for the parishioners of All Saints – a church and area just off Oxford Road. Michala...

  11. Manchester

    Manchester is a city of subterranean spaces, eerie alcoves and voluminous views – some of which can be incorporated into drinking experiences that are sure to be memorable. Forget regular roadside venues and embrace the unusual.

  12. Manchester

    Manchester Confidential and Manchester Books Limited Editor, tour guide and writer Jonathan Schofield explores Manchester’s links to the Gothic, looking at architecture, culture and the best sites in the city.

    Reblogged with permission from an...

  13. Manchester

    So often freshers are left swamped by flyers and invites to generic events – featuring similar chart tunes and awkward atmospheres. Thankfully, HAUNT Manchester has picked out some places offering something a bit different, from the weird and...

  14. Manchester

    ‘I’m quite looking forward to tackling the city once again’ – Jeff Noon on Manchester, Vurt, dark romanticism and new novel Slow Motion Ghosts

  15. Trafford Park, Manchester

    A dark leather doctor’s couch. Rows of sharpened surgical equipment. Once-living birds now dead and stuffed until their eyes are bulging.  Mannequins cut-off at the waist. That’s just a small selection of some of the goods available from Stockyard...

  16. Manchester

    Benjamin Myers is no stranger to the dark North and learning from the landscape.

    “There’s something to be said for being out somewhere and not seeing another human being.”

  17. Oxford Road, Manchester

    It was a truly atmospheric and immersive celebration which marked a massive goodbye to the Ancient Egypt Galleries at Manchester Museum, with the ‘It’s A Wrap’ event on Thursday 20 September.

  18. Manchester

    When we think of ghosts, we place them in Cathedrals, Gothic Castles and dense, dark forests, but there is one place that is charged with more spooky connotations than these three put together.

  19. Manchester

    She’s the author behind a range of novels including The Night Brother: a tale set in dark 19th century Manchester, member of Goth-inspired band The March Violets, a poet and a powerful performer whose guises include Rosie Lugosi The Vampire Queen –...

  20. Manchester

    From restaurants right underground to eateries tucked down alleyways, Manchester’s complex network of streets and snickets boasts a variety of alternative places to eat.

  21. Manchester

    In 1857, Manchester industrialists, eager to escape the reputation that their smoke-billowing chimneys had earned the city, financed an exhibition to establish Manchester as a city of culture. Visited twice by Queen Victoria, and featuring works by...