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  1. Manchester

    She’s the author behind a range of novels including The Night Brother: a tale set in dark 19th century Manchester, member of Goth-inspired band The March Violets, a poet and a powerful performer whose guises include Rosie Lugosi The Vampire Queen –...

  2. Bailey’s Wood and Boggart Hole Clough are two green spaces in Blackley, North Manchester - each with their own rich and often mysterious history. Dr Hannah Priest, Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, uncovers hidden heritage...

  3. Manchester

    Cemeteries may be seen as places primarily associated with death, but there is a Northern artist – Debbie Sharp – who is working to celebrate cemeteries and the lives behind the headstones. She has recently begun work as artist in residence at...

  4. Manchester

    Towerblock flats, East Manchester spaces strewn with scrap metal, self-styled Concrete Retreats, scrublands and even rifle rooms – these are just some of the places where Ashton-born creative artist LoneLady records in and is inspired by.

  5. Manchester

    Simon Buckley is an artist and creator of Not Quite Light, a project which explores the city at dawn, looking at themes of heritage and regeneration. He also is creative director of the Not Quite Light Weekend, a creative collaboration festival in...

  6. Add The King's Arms, Salford: the thriving community arts pub minutes from Manchester city centre to your Itinerary

    Bloom Street , Salford

    A five-minute walk away from Manchester Deansgate is a bohemian bustling boozer, complete with a cobbled beer garden, built-in upstairs theatre and David Bowie themed snug - The King's Arms.

  7. Manchester

    Manchester is a city of subterranean spaces, eerie alcoves and voluminous views – some of which can be incorporated into drinking experiences that are sure to be memorable. Forget regular roadside venues and embrace the unusual.

  8. Manchester

    From restaurants right underground to eateries tucked down alleyways, Manchester’s complex network of streets and snickets boasts a variety of alternative places to eat.

  9. It welcomed Queen Victoria in 1851 and was a hit with L.S. Lowry – Peel Park is a place rich with historic wonder and interesting goings-on, tucked down on the Salford Flood Plain. Now it has its own Writer in Residence: Adam Farrer.

  10. Trafford Park, Manchester

    A dark leather doctor’s couch. Rows of sharpened surgical equipment. Once-living birds now dead and stuffed until their eyes are bulging.  Mannequins cut-off at the waist. That’s just a small selection of some of the goods available from Stockyard...

  11. Manchester

    There are a number of burial sites and cemeteries in Manchester which have themselves been buried over the years – whether by layers of history or new structures. Here Michala Hulme gives an account of some of the city's secrets...

  12. Manchester

    A Gothic style novel inspired by the streets and stories of late nineteenth century Manchester – ‘The Night Brother’(2017) by Rosie Garland – is soon going to be coming to life, in the form of a unique walking tour on Saturday 3rd November...

  13. Rochdale

    Having received a Grade I listing in 1951, Rochdale Town Hall has long been marked as a location of international architectural significance. Now it is preparing to undergo a £16 million redevelopment that will see the building transformed; a...

  14. Salford

    If you haven’t seen Ordsall Hall, it is certainly a striking sight – and something you may not first expect in this urban area of Salford.

  15. Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

    During the great advances of industrialisation in Northern England, Manchester gained City status in 1853. 26 years later, ‘On the ninth day of October A.D. 1879’ (As Joseph Heron the town clerk put it) the mayor of the City, Alderman Charles Sydney...

  16. Manchester

    HABIT, a new horror movie shot and set in Manchester is set for release in July. The film is set to make waves upon release, starring actress Jessica Barden from THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD in her first lead role in a movie.  HAUNT caught up with...

  17. Oxford Road, Manchester

    It was a truly atmospheric and immersive celebration which marked a massive goodbye to the Ancient Egypt Galleries at Manchester Museum, with the ‘It’s A Wrap’ event on Thursday 20 September.

  18. Manchester

    Underneath Manchester’s All Saints Park is a hidden history – an estimated 16,000 bodies. For this was the site of a former Victorian Cemetery, set up to cater for the parishioners of All Saints – a church and area just off Oxford Road. Michala...

  19. Manchester

    A couple of streets away from Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints campus, in the backstreets of Hulme, a truly terrifying music video has recently been created for North West based band Evil Blizzard. Their single ‘Unleash The Misery’...

  20. Salford certainly has no shortage of unique arts venues and creative spaces, many easily accessible from Manchester city centre by either foot or public transport – and well worth the trip.

  21. Take a trip into Salford and discover a standout Grade II listed building bustling with creative artists at its centre and still-evolving: Islington Mill. Describing and cementing itself as ‘the home of artist-led endeavour’, it offers not just a...