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  1. Alternative Halloween shopping ideas in Manchester


    When it comes to Halloween, we’re thinking about so much more than just fancy dress here at HAUNT. After all, Halloween is an occasion to explore all things culturally quirky and distinctly different...

  2. Gothic Glamour: where to get your hands on adventurous makeup in Manchester


    Want to create a high-impact look and get the makeup that can achieve it? Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to makeup supplies, services and application in Manchester.

  3. A Gothic Guide to Afflecks


    Afflecks (often affectionately known as Afflecks Palace) is a cornerstone of alternative culture, as well as Mancunian spirit. Spread across four floors in an ex-drapery business and department store at the heart of the Northern Quarter, here you…

  4. HAUNT’s Highlights of traders to see at Levenshulme Market – 6th July 2019

    Levenshulme Market is a bustling haven of independent creativity, with a rotating roster of 50 traders - meaning plenty of artisan delights as well as weird and wonderful wares to enjoy.

  5. Gothic makeup, dark drag and an interview with Rose Niland

    Transgression and expression are at the heart of the Gothic. Combine it with glamour and add elements of drag to go on an exploration of a cultural form which is becoming increasingly popular in the city: dark female ‘drag’ Queens.

  6. 5 Weird and Wonderful Places to Shop in Manchester


    Experience the gritty side of the city and shop alternative in Manchester. You may be swapping the High Street for the side streets, but when it comes to Manchester, that is no bad thing...

  7. HAUNT’s Highlights of traders to see at Levenshulme Market – 27th July

    Taking place every weekend between March and December, the next edition of Levenshulme Market is on Saturday 27th July – where there will also be live music from The Lonesome Penniless Cowboys.

  8. The city’s own corsetière Kiku Boutique turns 10 years old


    Amidst the lively bustle of the Northern Quarter, you will find a shop still tailoring and handcrafting its garments to fit everything from Goth weekends to fashion shoots. Kiku Boutique on Tib Street is the business of Lynn Mckay, who with more…

  9. Add Kiku Boutique to your Itinerary

    Kiku Boutique


    Kiku Boutique providing burlesque, lingerie, wedding & evening wear and bespoke corsets.

  10. Support alternative independent traders in Greater Manchester & beyond – online!

    There is an array of independent alternative traders and creatives across Greater Manchester – support them online via social media, sites and internet shops.