A City Connects

Bringing together the whole of the Manchester literature scene; from publishers to booksellers, writers to readers and everyone in between, Manchester City of Literature has launched A City Connected.

This new microsite already has 50+ events and activities listed since launching last week, several recurring events, with more content added everyday.

The site can be navigated by searching for information relevant to readers, writers, young people, whether viewers are looking specifically for online events, ways to support publishers by buying books, or daily activities for kids and adults. There’s also a weekly calendar view so you can plan your week, and a full activity feed where you can scroll through what’s on and take your pick.

A City Connects emphasises that reading and writing are social not solitary activities and will allow readers and writers of all abilities, ages and backgrounds to access support and resources.

Check out everything they’re doing on social media via #MCRCityofLitConnects @MCRCityofLit. 

Manchester City of Literature has also developed a series of community projects coming in the next weeks and months, with an aim to further engage the community with literature across Manchester during this time

Find out more about A City Connected.