Exhibitions in Manchester

Manchester's galleries, museums, and cultural spaces showcase a diverse range of exhibitions that span the realms of contemporary art, history, and innovation. From the thought-provoking collections at Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Museum, to the immersive exhibits at the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester's exhibitions offer a kaleidoscope of experiences. Engage with groundbreaking installations and interactive displays at The Whitworth, discover the history of a literary great at Elizabeth Gaskell's House, or explore over 200 years of campaigning by working men and women for social and political progress at the Working Class Movement Library. for the football fanatic, the National Football Museum is the place share stories and learn about the history of everybody’s favourite game. Whether you're passionate about modern art, fascinated by historical artifacts, or eager to explore the cutting edge of science, Manchester's exhibitions promise a captivating exploration of creativity and knowledge.

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