Manchester Film Festival

The Manchester Film Festival takes place from the 12th until the 20th March across various venues in the city. Here are 5 great reasons why you should buy tickets:

1.       Watch films ahead of general public release

The films shown at the Manchester film festival are, more often than not, the debut screenings of that piece of film. In 2022 there are currently twenty-seven world premieres and seventy-four U.K. premieres for you to view ahead of anyone else. You may even witness the first release of a short film that could later become one of the biggest films in cinema.

2.       Q&A sessions with some of the best writers, directors, and actors from across the globe

Manchester Film Festival wants to give you not just the chance to meet some of the talented directors and actors behind the camera, but also the opportunity to ask those burning questions you may otherwise have to rely on google to answer. You do not have to ask a question yourself either, you may want to simply sit and listen to others, which is perfectly fine too.

3.       A chance to expand your opinion on other genres

With ‘short sessions’, Manchester Film Festival aims to bring new material to everyone. Variety is the spice of life, so they won’t show films of the one genre or concept during the screenings. One minute you could be holding back tears whilst watching a short film about (input something sad) and the next laughing out loud over a film about a growing pudding that devourers a city. The goal is to bring you something new and exciting that you may otherwise have skipped on.

4.       To open yourself up to buried passions in the industry

What makes us human is our desire to grow and learn. Attending a film festival could spark an interest or a talent for something you may not have known about before. Manchester Film Festival prides itself on showcasing new talent, something unique, and by attending you get a first-hand view of some of that talent at its earliest stages. Who knows, you may even find yourself submitting your very own short film in the years that follow.

5.       To have fun watching films, with people who love watching films

Finally, film festivals are meant to be fun. People attend to lose themselves and experience something that can’t be appreciated in the same ways it can at home. One thing is for sure, the people around you are there to enjoy that very same experience and it’s through these experiences that we truly appreciate the hard work that the people put in when creating a piece of film.

The article, by Reece Donlan, was originally published on the Manchester Film Festival website.