Breakout is a live escape room game located in the centre of Manchester. You are locked in a room with friends, family or work colleagues for an hour and must solve a series of puzzles, riddles and tasks to Breakout. You will have to search high and low for clues and work together to be in with a chance of breaking out. 60 minutes might sound like a lot of time, but it will fly by as puzzle-solving, lateral thinking and team-working skills are all put to the test. There are no physical activities or challenges involved in the game, it is purely a mental challenge.

Each Breakout room is differently themed with some falling under the horror category and some which are more detective based to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes! The rooms also are all different difficulty levels but all share exciting puzzles, riddles and challenges which must be solved in order to Breakout before the timer is up!

Newton Street is Breakout Manchester’s newest and biggest ever site which will eventually bring you 15 of the most exciting Breakout rooms in the country. Opening in late 2022 it has already opened six games. Three of these games are brand new and three are modified and improved versions of our most popular rooms.

The new rooms are Frankenstien, Crimson Lake Motel, and Unsolved. The Frankenstein room is set in a Graveyard and a Laboratory which includes a life size model of Frankenstein that you have to bring back to life. The Crimson Lake Motel is a recreation of a motel room where everything isn't quite what it seems. You’ve checked in but will you ever be able to check out? Finally the Unsolved game is a real life Cluedo game where you will need to work out who the murderer is.

Later this month two identical Bank Heist themed rooms will open, where teams compete not only to Breakout first but also to Breakout with the most amount of money.

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