Manchester is set to welcome its own Padel club this Summer, with the launch of Club de Padel at Deansgate Square, bringing the world’s fastest growing sport to the UK’s second city for the first time.

A fun, fast-paced and addictive mash-up of tennis and squash, and almost always played in doubles, Padel was invented in Mexico in the late 1960s, but has exploded across Europe in recent years, with the likes of Andy Murray, David Beckham and Serena Williams all professing their love for the sport.

Launching on Owen Street with four brand new courts, Club de Padel aims to establish an inclusive and thriving Padel community in Manchester, with social matches, coaching, tournaments and corporate events taking place throughout the year.

Co-Founder David Blake said: “Ever since we first encountered Padel in Barcelona several years ago, we have been desperate to bring this amazing sport to Manchester. It’s great fun, hugely sociable and easy to pick-up, so we know it’s going to be a smash at Deansgate Square.”

It’s just so addictive,” adds fellow co-founder Matt McKinlay, “everyone who plays Padel loves it right away. The city centre location is ideal for both residents and professionals looking for a new way to socialise and network. The community aspect is something that’s very important to us at Club de Padel. We want everyone from school kids to young professionals to older residents to come along and give Padel a go.

Subject to planning approval, Club de Padel is scheduled to open later this summer and operate seven days a week. Equipment (rackets and balls) will be provided, with bookings made via an app which will allow players to connect, join matches and split payments.

A planning application has been submitted to MCC to create the destination sporting experience, meanwhile Renaker will continue to deliver its development strategy for Phase 3 of the Great Jackson Street masterplan. Club de Padel forms a part of a wider placemaking strategy, occupying the site of what will eventually form a four tower cluster, a continuation of the Crown Street development. The overwhelmingly popular sport will provide an exciting and engaging meantime use of space bringing footfall to the area and supporting local businesses.

Court bookings will open in August - sign up here to be the first to receive the dates