Whether you’re kicking off this month going fully vegan, or just want to have a healthier diet, Corn Exchange Manchester is taking the stress out of the health-inspired weeks with a variety of mouth-watering dishes, all freshly prepared and ready to order, guaranteed to keep your taste buds fully satisfied.

Corn Exchange’s Tampopo and Vapiano are offering a range of delicious healthy options to help you quench your vegan (or healthy eating) appetites. 


Experience authentic South East Asian vegan cuisine at Tampopo. Take the opportunity to explore the sizzling wok-fried dishes including tamarind tofu which boasts zesty tamarind sauce, served on a bed of Asian greens and topped with fried onion flakes. 

Also on offer is Jackfruit Rendang – a dish slow cooked in coconut, chilli and shallots, galangal and lemongrass, Served with roti slices, smacked cucumber salad, sambal, caramelised coconut flakes and peanuts.

Other delicious vegan snacks include cauliflower rice, edamame with sesame chilli oil or sea salt and hokkien noodles.


Think you have to give up pizza to enjoy Veganuary? Think again! The home of handmade pasta, Vapiano offer a range of tasty pizzas which can all be ordered with vegan cheese. The Verdure is filled with a bed of roasted vegetables, red onion, tomato sauce and mozzarella or the Marinara tomato sauce, fresh garlic, oregano (no cheese).

If you prefer something saucier, Vapiano has a wide range of homemade vegan dishes including the classic Pasta Arrabbiata, a tomato based sauce, garlic, onions and chilli. Or for something a little spicier the Pasta Pesco Rucola is Vapiano’s homemade rocket pesto dish with added onions, mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, pearl peppers, cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look online today to order these fantastic dishes right to your door.