If you are always on the search for picture-perfect places when exploring a new city, then you have come to the right place.

Manchester is rich in history, culture, and Instagram-worthy spots. We’ve listed the most photogenic places to visit in Manchester.

John Rylands Library

For all the history and literature enthusiasts, this is a must-add to your list. The architecture of this neo-Gothic masterpiece is awe-inspiring, and the dimly lit reading rooms create a magical atmosphere. It's like stepping into a Hogwarts library, minus the robes.


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St Peters Square

St Peter's Square looks great, no matter the season. Here you will find a mix of modern and historic architecture, such as the Town Hall and the Manchester Library. During spring, this is a great spot to capture the cherry blossoms.


Castlefield is undeniably one of the most picturesque spots in Manchester. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll and capture the allure of picturesque canals lined with narrowboat homes, Roman ruins, and a reconstructed railway viaduct.

Chinatown Archway

The ornate archway at the entrance of Chinatown boasts intricate details that are perfect for capturing stunning photos. As you wander around Chinatown, you'll be greeted by vibrant neon lights, bustling supermarkets, and an array of visually appealing restaurants. Fun fact: Chinatown in Manchester is the third largest in Europe and the second largest in the UK!

The Whitworth Art Gallery

The Whitworth Art Gallery is undeniably one of the most captivating structures in Manchester. With its vast collection of over 55,000 items and a serene lush green garden, it's a true delight for photographers.

New Islington Marina

New Islington Marina captivates with its picturesque waterside charm, offering a serene escape within the bustling urban landscape. 

Chetham's Library

Chetham's Library, which was founded in 1653, is the oldest surviving public library in Britain.  The historic reading rooms are adorned with aged wooden shelves and illuminated by soft, natural light, making it a must-visit.  


Ancoats is a vibrant neighborhood nestled in the heart of the city, definitely worth strolling around. Wander through its lively streets to discover charming cafes and picturesque canal walkways. 

Salford Quays 

The Salford Quays waterfront provides a stunning experience, especially during sunset and at night, with the beautiful city lights adding a magical touch to the surroundings.

RHS Bridgewater

RHS Bridgewater Gardens stands as a picturesque sanctuary, where innovative designs and vibrant horticulture come together to create a stunning landscape. 

Ordsall Hall 

Ordsall Hall, a historic gem in Salford, invites visitors to step back in time with its Tudor architecture and rich heritage, offering a captivating glimpse into centuries of history within its walls.


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First Street 

First Street Manchester, a vibrant urban hub, seamlessly blends modernity and culture, boasting a dynamic mix of entertainment, dining, and arts.

Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths in Manchester stands as a testament to architectural grandeur, a historic Edwardian swimming pool and Turkish Baths that have been lovingly preserved, captivating visitors with its exquisite tiles and stunning stained glass, offering a glimpse into the city's past.


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Gay Village 

Manchester's Gay Village is a vibrant and inclusive community, radiating with energy and acceptance, where colorful flags adorn the streets, lively venues pulse with diversity, and a spirit of celebration thrives, making it a welcoming and iconic destination

Alexander Park 

Alexandra Park in Manchester provides a serene escape within the urban landscape, where lush greenery, scenic paths, and a historic conservatory offer a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Northern Quarter

If you're a fan of street art, a visit to the Northern Quarter is a must. This lively neighborhood is full of vibrant murals, graffiti, and quirky independent shops, making it a haven for those who appreciate creativity.