For many children around the globe, schools have unfortunately been forced to close their doors, opening up millions of parents to the world of Home Education.   

In true Mancunian spirit, the same Greater Manchester venues that have sadly had to close their doors have worked hard to flip things on their heads to provide digital access to some amazing educational resources. Here we have pulled together some of the best home-education inspired content, perfect for a digital day in with the kids.

Science and Industry Museum  

Their doors may be closed but you can find them and all the Science Museum Group online.  

Take your children through an online journey of discovery and explore the objects on display at the Science and Industry Museum telling the story of Manchester's scientific past, present and future.  



Their building might be closed for now, but everyone at team Z-arts including the staff, facilitators and artists are working together to make sure they bring loads of inspiring creative content to you online. Keep your eyes on their website and social media channels for loads of exciting stuff coming up.  


Citizens of Manchester 

Breakdown social isolation by 'meeting' an eclectic and inspirational group of Manchester's artists, professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn about what it takes to contribute to a community from the very people who have been pivotal in making Manchester great! 

Manchester's Political History

From the Peterloo Massacre to the modern Cooperative Movement, discover how Greater Manchester’s political history has helped shape the world, from the comfort of your own home.

The Story behind the Manchester Bee

Never in recent history has resolve and industry been more paramount; Manchester’s bee is a worker bee, reflecting a city made by the workers; made by the people, not a city that has grown from royal patronage or easy natural resources. Mancunians have worked hard to make this place thrive, and you can learn more here!

Skyliner Tours  

If you looking for something to inspire the next generation of creative minds, the lovely Hayley from Skyliner is bringing her Manchester art tours to the virtual world. As an independent service provider (and a ruddy good one at that), she’s asking for a small membership fee to access these tours so she is able to keep herself and the business supported.   
“Some of my tours are slightly more traditional ones, looking at city secrets and that sort of thing, but several routes are anti-tours which are critical tours that look at urban and social issues - homelessness, litter, public space, gentrification. These tours are really popular with educators and with businesses in the field such as architects and planners. Whilst previously I've cast my critical eye over the city I am now studying for a Masters in Place Management so that I can also actually do something about these issues beyond just voicing my concerns, and maybe even to steer the audience in a direction that will result in positive change.”

IWM Museum  

Despite being closed, there are many ways you can continue to interact with Imperial War Museum and their world-leading collection. Explore their collections online, including published material, documents and over 23,000 hours of moving image. Explore around 800,000 items that tell the story of modern war and conflict, collected by the museum since 1917. 

Keep up to date with the latest videos on YouTube and join them via social media for daily updates and stories.

HOME Manchester  

The Manchester Open is the most successful exhibition in HOME’s history – with over 32,000 people attending, surpassing even David Lynch: My Head is Disconnected.  

While the exhibition had to close early, there are still many ways you can enjoy the work of the Manchester Open artists online.  

Browse their gallery of images from the launch night, and relive the experience with our video  

They are also spearheading a plan to take brand-new live experiences from the homes of artists into the homes of their audiences and hoping to make this available early April, so watch this space!

Manchester Art Gallery  

How about a cultural behind the scenes tour of Manchester Art Gallery which houses one of the country's finest art collections in spectacular Victorian and contemporary surroundings. Highlights include outstanding pre-Raphaelite paintings, craft and design and early 20th Century British art.  

There’s also a space online to explore the relationship between art and mindfulness, where you’re invited to slow down and connect with art during audio guided mindfulness sessions – and breathe.  

The Stoller Hall  

Another virtual tour full of fascinating information is The Stoller Hall, an unrivalled acoustic and a stunning visual backdrop for live music, conferencing and performance.  Based within Chetham’s School of Music just metres from Victoria Station, it offers a completely new audience experience in the heart of the Medieval Quarter.   

Why not follow these two online tours up with a bit of a quiz to find out what they’ve learnt?

Manchester Libraries  

You can max out your Manchester Libraries card without having to leave the house. If you don’t have a Manchester Libraries card, you can now sign up to download e-books and e-audio books via Borrowbox without needing to visit the library. 

Access e-books, e-audiobooks, the latest digital magazines and all UK daily newspapers from free online resources

Discover more about Manchester’s history  

Check out this amazing online resource which highlights Manchester’s greatest innovations throughout history up to the present day, created by talented local Web Development studio, Supremo. From the first steam-powered mill in 1783 to the launch of Mayfield Depot in 2019 – children and adults alike will enjoy discovering how deeply engrained innovation is within our city’s culture.