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When it comes Millennials, we’re a generation of want-it-now, over-thinkers with little time to spare and a burgeoning desire to take part in social media worthy activities. So considering we’ve all got to get on with our busy schedules, I’ve derived a list for all your entertainment needs, so you don’t need to trawl the internet on a Thursday night looking for places to spend your weekend (oh, and that will free up more time to internet shop too…).

Relaxed Vibes and Great Service at Dukes 92

Did I mention that millennials are time conscious?! Which is why a trip to Dukes 92 is worth of a visit, particularly if you’re impatient about food (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!). Great service and friendly staff mean you can get your food in approx 3.45 mins (oh, millennials are also prone to exaggeration too… But it’s a similar time frame! Put it this way, food arrives quickly). Not to mention that their meals are reasonably priced for the delicious quality!

Located right near Deansgate station, you can jump off the train and head straight to bar hopping, making use of their outdoor terrace and heated seating areas. A stroll along the canal right next to Dukes 92 is also a must!**

**But probably advisable before a few proseccos!

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Spend all that Disposable Income Millennials are Known for in Designer Exchange

Everyone knows that diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend these days… designer bags are! Get your fashion fix inside the Royal Exchange arcade in the aptly named Designer Exchange boutique. As recommended by fashion blogger Claire Chanelle (@iamchouquette), Designer Exchange is a fashion destination that sells pre-loved designer bags and accessories… Make sure you take your purchases along to the rest of the stylish recommendations on our list!

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Go and Get Your Picture Taken in the Bath at Menagerie

Having only opened in August 2016, Menagerie has quickly become the hub of all of Manchester’s finest, playing host to some of Manchester Fashion Industry’s events. Every millennial should know that it’s crucial to get their photograph taken with Menagerie’s nowfamous suspended picture frame and ball-pool bathtub!

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Become the Next Tiger Woods at Junkyard Golf Club

If you’re looking for a fun place to visit with your gang, then look no further than Junkyard Golf Club! This indoor crazy golf is guaranteed to make you feel like the Jordan Spieth of Manchester… Okay, maybe after a few rounds at their bar first!

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Head to the Sophisticated Grand Pacific for Classy Dining your Followers will Envy

Marble tables: check. Decadent stair case with bird cage hanging from the ceiling: check. Breathtaking bar serving cocktails from pineapple-shaped glasses: check check check! If you haven’t already clocked on, Grand Pacific is the place to get all your envy-inducing Insta snaps. Every corner offers something exciting to grab your attention that will have your thumb in complete exhaustion from pressing the ‘take’ button. Their menu isn’t so bad either, offering dishes inspired by far flung destinations. Make sure to wear your best instaworthy outfit and get snapping!

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