Paper and Blade

Supporting independent and alternative traders matters more than ever. Considering the public health guidance in relation to Covid-19, the sheer majority –including market stalls, artists, galleries and many shops – cannot trade physically in the same way. But that doesn’t mean connection and creativity has to come to an end! Many of these exciting traders have active web links, such as online shops and social media profiles, just some examples of how you can show support at a difficult time. Pictured above: a design from Paper&Blade, image by Ange Shep

Here at Haunt Manchester, we’ve loved previously covering a range of traders and groups who embrace independence, innovation and alternative approaches, including the likes of Levenshulme Market and Afflecks – stay tuned to their social media for future plans. It has also been brilliant to see the evolution of NQ Alternative; an initiative bringing together alternative traders and second-hand/upcycling in the form of market events in the Northern Quarter (the most recent venue being The Shack). In turn, a number of the traders and artists listed below, have featured in NQ Alternative events.

NQ Alternative According to NQ Alternative founder Kat Gillatt, a Manchester based Musician, DJ and Promoter known as KATALAMØDE (who we also previously interviewed here):
“DIY ethics are really important and at the heart of this project. The mission is always to believe in and support artists of all kinds and keeping ethics close to the at heart. We're incredibly fortunate to live in a bustling lovable city with a thriving music scene and that is full of talented creative folk who embrace the same passion for the alternative subculture, with a life-long love of alternative music, arts, and tattoos. Manchester is one of the best cities to grow up in, so I wanted to the market to hail back to the way the Northern Quarter used to be as a centre of alternative and bohemian culture and before the gentrification. We're always believe in supporting local artists and building a sense of community within Manchester. The aim with NQ Alternative is to bring the alternative community closer together.”

This article also includes a number of traders from outside the city centre– including Withington’s much-loved Wilderness Record Store and vegan desserts parlour Ice Shack… the latter is even providing deliveries so you can enjoy tubs of handmade vegan ice cream (and crafted chocolates) at home!

Supporting artists and musicians is crucial too; with many affected in terms of their inability to be involved in physical events, lack of access to studios and difficulty of obtaining new materials. Therefore, taking a look at their existing content, perhaps buying an item as a gift to yourself or another – and showing some love for them on social media, can all make a significant contribution. Here at Haunt Manchester, previous articles including A selection of photographers celebrating Manchester's underground culture 1 and 2, as well as Alternative, Gothic-inspired or just daring to be different: Greater Manchester based bands to take a listen to 1 and 2, also feature a range of creatives and their online links. And many venues have social media profiles ready to follow too.

Take the example of The Peer Hat (pictured below - image by Alannis Barnes/Elaina Daley), tucked behind Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter. Far from just a music venue, it has functioned has a much loved creative and community space for a number of years – and that community is also welcoming people online, in the form of a new blog. And that’s not all, as upcoming is a virtual art exhibition - Rat Alley presents... QUARANTINE: ARTWORK FOR THE APOCALYPSE - curated by Ilana Xup.

The Peer Hat

Ilana (musician and founder of the Rat Alley Zine) told us:

“The idea for the ‘Quarantine: Artwork for the Apocalypse’ exhibition came about as a result of The Peer Hat (the bar and music venue below my rehearsal room) having to temporarily close due to Covid-19. All of a sudden it hit me that all over the country (and indeed the world) spaces that were hubs and homes to artists, writers and musicians would remain shut for the next few months and I wanted to hold on to a sense of community.

“As we’re having to socially distance and even self isolate, the exhibition will be a virtual one and digital images, photographs or scans of the artwork will be uploaded to the Rat Alley Facebook page. The exhibition will launch on 19 April at 7pm and it will include a slide show to feature the artists involved, along with a short biography for each of the artists. To make it even more inclusive, I am also taking submissions from musicians, to be included in a Spotify playlist that will run alongside the exhibition. Writers and poets can also submit their work.

“Artists, writers, poets and musicians who would like their work featured should pop me a message via the Rat Alley Facebook page for more information: I hope to be organising more of these events over the coming months.”

What is clear is that there are many innovative ways to support independent creatives in Greater Manchester - with more examples below. Are you an independent trader/creative and would like to be included? Just let us know! Please email the Haunt inbox at



Paper and Blade

Little works of art made entirely from paper – with just a tiny bit of glue! Handcut paper pictures and unique paper jewellery is the creation of Paper&Blade, bringing a range of unique designs and championing a material we so often take for granted. Ange Shep is the artist behind it and many of the works have a wonderfully Gothic feel, including features of freaky film villains, skulls, eerie silhouettes and even a Harry Potter Scar. The intricacy and attention to detail allows for stunning effect, with products that are sure to make a special and impressive gift. Commission pieces are also undertaken. 

We Are Glass

We Are Glass

Stained glass window designs incorporating much-loved album covers, cultural figures and more! These beautiful designs are printed onto acetate, so you can stick them to a window – and the result is that it really does look like stained glass! From the iconic ‘banana’ cover of the 1967 record The Velvet Underground & Nico to David Bowie’s Low, there is plenty of classic choice in the collection. A great gift for the music lover in your life. 

DevilDog Sauces


Get your hands on small-batch hot sauces made locally in Levenshulme! Also a popular trader at Levenshulme Market when it is running, DevilDog Sauces can deliver flavour to your door – as many options are available online to order. Dare you try their Reaper, Scorpion & 7 Pot Extra Hot Sauce? Or perhaps you fancy some of their Jalapeño & Pineapple Hot Sauce? The full selection can be seen online, and a gift pack is available.

Wolfenrose Creations  

Beautiful handcrafted accessories and jewellery – including crystal designs – made by  @heyyyzellda. Wolfenrose Creations takes pride in truly unique items that will make an impression, with designs including impressive headdresses, crystal pendants and necklaces. Custom orders are also available by direct message. 

Wilfs Workshop  

Wilfs Workshop

A regular and much-loved trader at NQ Alternative events, Manchester-based Wilfs Workshop – the creation of Amanda Porter - specialises in unique upcycled furniture, the type that is a piece of art in its own right! Enjoy a selection of quirky, cute and curious designs. From coat hooks, quirky coasters and dressing table trinkets to upcycled tables and drawers, there is plenty to choose from – and it’s an ethical choice too. Upcycling means that these are existing pieces of furniture, given special treatment and ready for re-use, therefore minimising wastage. Another popular feature of Wilfs Workshop is the range of hand-made handles they have available… ideal little handles to add some character to your chests of drawers and other furnishings. 

The Magpie's Daughter

Magpie's Daughter

Magpies are known for having an eye for shiny things… and the same goes for The Magpie’s Daughter; the creator of jewellery using a variety of materials including mixed metals, vintage and antique charms, and plenty more. Having also featured at Levenshulme Market, pieces from The Magpie’s Daughter certainly make an impact… with geometric designs and artful minimalist options being further examples of styles – ready to browse and buy online. Ephemera is another feature, with collage-inspired items also available. You can also sign up to the newsletter here

Wilderness Record Store

Wilderness Records

A much-loved independent record store at the heart of Withington, well-known for their range of new and second-hand vinyl as well as tasty provisions and drinks! They certainly are innovative, even hosting in-store gigs in the past. Although the physical shop is currently closed, in-line with public health guidance, check out the blog on their website for regular features spanning a range of music genres. You can also show them some love and stay updated via social media, as an online shop/ability to buy is currently in development.

Photo: by Manc Wanderer/Nathan Whittaker

Florence in Flowers

A florist with a difference. Be enchanted by designs that bring the beauty of the wild meadow and the natural world into your home… something that so many will enjoy right now. Amelia Florence’s work is inspired significantly by nature and the two years she spent in British Columbia, and incorporates a real eye for design. Why not order something to brighten up your home – or a thoughtful gift for another? Florence in Flowers has also proved a popular feature at Levenshulme Market.

Rooks and Roses

Rooks And Roses

Handmade jewellery crafted from repurposed, upcycled and precious metals… so you can wear jewellery with impact, in more ways than one! A range of beautiful collections are available to browse and buy online, from pieces incorporating The Celtic Knot to Stags, Fallen Angels and even Stalactites. Rooks & Roses have also featured at Levenshulme Market and are known for their friendly, knowledgeable service – open to ideas, suggestions and commissions.

Toxic Schlock  

Horror and cult merchandise that makes your eyes pop! Fancy getting your hands on a horror tee with plenty of character? Toxic Schlock will have it sorted, from film and book-inspired to the cult and creepy! Gruesome, weird and luminous designs are all amongst the mix. The creation of former Blackpool-based Horror Crypt Museum owners Kurt and Lisa Walsh, along with artist Dave Copsey, Toxic Shlock offer an exciting range, as well as merchandise – including a firm-favourite: horror masks! 

Itty Bitty Concrete Committee  

Itty Bitty Concrete Committee

Hand-crafted concrete letters ready to fill your home with fun – and puns! The hard work of artist Alex, these little letter blocks make ideal home decorations, whether you want to spell out your name, a slogan… or anything else! Itty Bitty Concrete Committee provides a refreshing celebration of the under-loved material that is concrete, with customisation and requests welcomed. 

Keira James Art  

Gothic, fantastical and macabre illustrations and artistry: the work of Keira James Art certainly makes an impression. This Sheffield-based creative has been a popular trader at NQ Alternative events, with designs delving into all things Gothic. Hand-drawn creations are a key part, including an impressive selection of Edgar Allan Poe inspired illustrations and a range of illustrated postcards adorned with mythic and folklore-inspired characters and landscapes. Designs are available in a range of sizes, with more information and contact details available online, including Instagram: 


Hayley Flynn (read our interview here) is the knowledgeable guide behind the popular Skyliner tours of Manchester – informative yet relaxed ‘anti-tours’ taking in the other side of the city! Although the walking tours currently can’t take place due to the Covid-19 measures, gift vouchers are available for when they start up again. And that is not all! Patreon Virtual tours are also a possibility, discover more via this link:

Cthulhu Cat Cult 

Cthulu Cat Cult

Creations that combine creepiness and cute together – including plenty of prints, cards, ornaments and custom clothing too. Cthulhu Cat Cult is fast gaining a reputation for quirky designs, with their Lost Boys themed items being a particular hit. A Lost Boys print to display on the wall? Yes please. Inventively named and equally inventive in their approach, their custom clothing also has a punkish feel – studs and lettering sure to grab attention – including jackets and coats. 

Zero Fox  

Craft and alternative jewellery made in Manchester, using innovative laser cutting techniques. The use of laser cutting also allows for personalised and engraved gifts, whether that is jewellery – including piercing jewellery – or shadow boxes: ideal home decorations with edge! Commissions are also available on request.  

Cabinet of Curious Creations 

Cabinet of Curious Creations

The instantly eye-catching work of Manchester-based artist Hayley Shaw, including gloriously Gothic-inspired prints, custom jewellery, sketches and trinkets. Hayley’s hand-drawing skill is immediately evident, with some of her most popular prints including her drawings of The Joker, Edward Scissorhands and Frankenstein... ideal for framing on the wall, and many prints are also available in postcard form. Whether you are looking for a delightfully dark gift, or something for yourself – Cabinet of Curious Creations is sure to have a discovery you will love. Other designs explored by Hayley include skulls, witchcraft and using the inspiration of nature. 


Strange creatures, trippy patterns and psychedelic vibes… get ready for Sugarybenny’s exciting range of stock, sure to bring a smile to your face! Sugarybenny is an independent artist from Manchester who creates patches, badges, prints, stickers, customised clothing and more – featuring fantastic patterns, colours and packed with personality. He’s certainly proved popular at Levenshulme Market and you can browse and buy his creativity online too.

Hungry Dog Emporium of Curiosities  

Hungry Dog Emporium

Lashings of joyous dark one-off pieces and endless amounts of exotica to buy… Hungry Dog Emporium of Curiosities is a unique travelling showcase of lost and unloved curious and oddities. Expect forgotten gems and uniquely beautiful wonders as well as taxidermy, bespoke signage, props, artefacts and artwork guaranteed to pique your interest. Hungry Dog Emporium of Curiosities featured to great effect at the Haunt Manchester launch event back in 2018 and continues to inspire with its range of wonderful weirdness.

Ellen Heald Art

Wonderfully evocative and Gothic-inspired art that captivates. Ellen Heald is an artist who works in both traditional and digital forms, as well as a tattoo artist. Her designs carry a dramatic intensity, typically in black and white, with a clear talent for faces and character detail.


Edgy alternative and Goth jewellery – ideal for a gift or something special for yourself. These pieces make impact; taking inspiration from Gothic, metal and biker culture and all handmade in the UK by talented artist Calida. Many of the Beams&Bobbins creations are also eco-friendly and ethically-minded, including a beautiful bamboo range of jewellery and accessories. Impressive earrings, statement necklaces, pendants, charms and brooches are further examples of items to enjoy, with plenty available online. 

Flecky Bennett


Although Manchester’s ghost walker extraordinaire cannot deliver his much-loved tours at the moment, gift vouchers are available for when the walks can begin again! And that’s not all. Stay tuned on the Flecky Bennett Facebook Productions Facebook page, as he will be putting on ‘Flecky Bennett’s Friday Fright Nights!’ – telling ghostly histories of Greater Manchester and beyond via Facebook live. Prepare to be scared!

Tiny Bison Illustration 

Quirky hand-drawn illustrations just for you! Steph Mullholland is the artist behind Tiny Bison, creating family portraits as well as pop culture illustrations which can be customised. Self described as a ‘mama with a marker’ and significantly inspired by her son Erik, she is determined to deliver eye-catching, characterful drawings and open to requests! From cute couples pictures to pet portraits and even decorative features for the home, Tiny Bison Illustration will have it sorted – and makes a sure impression.



Manchester-based LoneLady (Julie Campbell) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and singer known for her edgy post-punk inspired records including the iconic Nerve Up and Hinterland – with a third album on the way! Much of LoneLady’s earlier material was recorded on a 4-track in a Manchester towerblock flat, whilst she was studying for a Fine Art Degree at Manchester School of Art. A range of merchandise is available through her online shop including discography, prints and clothing.  

Becca Smith Artwork  

Uncanny architecture and dysfunctional urban areas are aspects often encountered in the fascinating artwork of Becca Smith – a self-described ‘abstract map-maker’. Becca also is the founder of the brilliant Stranger-than-life drawing sessions (featured previously at locations including The Peer Hat and Macclesfield Museum) and is also hoping to run online sessions soon. Watch this space! 

Sinful Joe  


The captivating acrylic art of Joe O’Byrne (who is also a writer, director and actor previously featured in Haunt here), with hand-painted canvases capturing cultural icons, creative scenes, folkloric inspiration and plenty more. Pieces have included a Tom Waits mash-up, a dramatic depiction of Prince, a series inspired by Star Signs and so much more. Bolton-based Joe has a studio space as part of FaMAS Art Gallery in Bolton and his work can be viewed via his Facebook page and also his website. Pictured above: Gemini by Joe O'Byrne

The Misadventures of Charity Bizzare

From the mind of Neil Watkin comes the Misadventures of Charity Bizzare, a tongue in cheek illustrated series featuring our sexy steampunk heroine Charity Bizzare exploring a world in which anything is possible. Drawing on the Victorian science fiction of HG Wells and Jules Verne paired with bawdy and surreal humour, the series currently contains three editions, The Whore of the Worlds, To the Devil a Deathray, and Confessions of a Vampire Hunter.

Find out more about Neil’s other work including his exhibitions with the Manchester Gothic Arts Group here:

Brian Gorman Illustration  


Brian Gorman is a freelance writer, artist and actor, previously featured in Haunt Manchester as the writer of the Joy Division inspired play New Dawn Fades and artist behind the accompanying Joy Division graphic novel. Not only is the hand-drawn graphic novel available to order (and an ideal gift for multiple music fans!) but Brian also has a range of his own illustrations, paintings and other work for sale. Striking acrylic works display an immense attention to detail and often incorporate figures from popular culture, films – especially the Bond series, musicians and more. Brian’s illustrations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on television – with a range available to view (and contact details for a quote) available via his artist Facebook page.  

Ice Shack

This much-loved vegan desserts parlour in Withington has set up a delivery service! That means you can enjoy handmade vegan ices (and crafted chocolates) from the comfort of your home… it certainly is a tempting option! 2 and 5 litre tubs of their ice cream are available to order; direct message the Facebook page for flavours and more details. Ice Shack is known for its delicious products, friendly service and variety too… with just some examples of flavours in the past including Caramel Cookie, Raspberry Crumble and beautiful Blueberry!

Manchester Gothic Arts Group 

Gothic Times

Formed back in 2005, Manchester Gothic Arts Group (also known as M:GAG), developed out of ArA (the monthly Gothic club-like night held at Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church), with the three founding members Kolyn Amor, Matthew Carson and Liz Watkin, soon also joined by Neil Watkin. The group now also includes Julie Dawson and Carl Pugh, with more information available via their website and previous Haunt Manchester article here.  M:GAG have been long-time friends of the Gothic Manchester Festival, with featured exhibitions including the ‘Gothic Times’ exhibition (pictured above) which opened the 2019 edition of the festival and ran at Sandbar for the month of October last year. Delving into dark, striking and quirky themes within their work, the individual members of M:GAG also have their own projects. 

Chloe’s Cushions

Morris Cushion

Handmade and made-to-order cushions, with accessories in a tie-top design – created by Chloe Campbell, who also is an MA Student at the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies. These cushions are designed with care, and Chloe has a range of exciting fabric to-hand – from paisley patterned to William Morris Print – so why not stay updated via her Instagram (link below) to see what is available? Ideal for a unique, functional piece of home décor and a great gift idea.

Kiku Corset Boutique  


Beautiful corsetry created in Manchester – Kiku Corset boutique offers a beautiful craft worth celebrating – and although the much-loved Tib Street shop (founded in 2008) is currently closed due to the public health guidance, there is an online Etsy shop ready for purchases. Founder Lynn Mckay has over 16 years in the field, creating range of beautiful and striking designs ranging from vintage styles to fetish pieces. Corsets are a certain way to achieve a statement look, whether you ae a performer or just want to add to an existing outfit! A variety of lingerie, accessories, headdresses and more is also available – with the selection of vintage kimonos a particular highlight. Bespoke options and customisations are welcomed, to suit a range of needs and sizes, with more information via the website and the Etsy shop below. 

Cannasseur Confectionaries

Are you ready for truly innovative sweet treats? Cannasseur Confectionaries create Chocolate products that incorporate flavours derived from the cannabis plant (all UK legal!) - including artisan chocolates, chocolate bars and even hot chocolate. They have proved popular at the wonderful Levenshulme Market, and their quirky and colourful packaging is sure to catch your eye.

The Soap Gal X

A family-run Manchester-based business, creating luxurious bath and home products… without a huge price tag. Founded in 2018, The Soap Gal X hand-make all their products from the highest quality glycerine soap and carefully source their ingredients; ensuring that they are kind to skin – and not tested on animals either! Soap, bath bombs, brilliant perfumed sponges and sugar scrubs are just some examples of their stock, plus themed collections are also available as well home fragrances. Also a popular trader featured at Levenshulme Market, their products make a great gift ideas – or a tempting gift to yourself! Browse and buy online.

Mary’s Jewellery Bakery  

Marys Jewellery Bakery

Unique and eye-catching jewellery made in Manchester! Created by artist Mary Sonia Tudor, designs often involve the use of coloured resin, leading to beautiful coloured and be-glittered pieces. Mary’s Jewellery Bakery also proved a popular hit at Haunt Manchester’s Network Fair, held as part of the Gothic Manchester Festival 2019. Products include pendants, necklaces, earrings and spinners, often incorporating animals – so you can get your hands on accessories featuring foxes, cats, rabbits, unicorns and more! The Galaxy and Northern Lights collection of designs is particularly striking, with plenty to browse and buy online.

Ruby Tingle

Ruby Tingle is a fascinating artist, musician and performer, often reconstructing familiar forms and presenting them as extraordinary within her work. This includes works on paper, films and music – with more information via her website below. Ruby is also part of PAPER Gallery, Manchester’s innovative artist-run gallery – and one way to support this creative community at a difficult time is to sign up to the newsletter here.



Handmade wooden runes, as well as jewellery and decorative pieces crafted from bones and shells – it’s all part of the intriguing offer from HotchPotchPanda, the Manchester-based creation of Jasper Samuels. Single wooden runes are available – with connections to love, healing and peace just some of the options – as well as sets: including a particularly striking Full set of 25 Elder Futhark conker runes! Ethically-sourced bone jewellery is also another option, with some pieces made to order, using bones from animals that have died naturally – no animals are harmed for the process. Examples include rat femur earrings, a badger bone dream catcher style necklace and more.  

Michelle Shore Illustration 

Michelle Shore

The inspiration of folklore, the natural world and the Gothic charm within is often a key feature of Michelle Shore’s beautiful artwork. Michelle is a former Masters student of the Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, designed a number of pieces of the artwork for the Gothic Manchester Festival 2019 and is also an esteemed member of the Haunt network, featuring at the Haunt Manchester 2019 Network Fair. Working in a range of mediums, Michelle’s speciality is fine line ink drawings and her vividly detailed pen and ink depictions of the likes of ravens, owls, hares and more, certainly captivate the eye. Browse the range of work online, with Michelle available to contact via the website to discuss buying options.  

Jane Samuels  

Jane Samuels

An inspiring artist and photographer, Jane Samuels featured in a previous Haunt Manchester article, discussing her photography in relation to abandoned buildings and the influence of the natural world in particular. She was also part of  Following Hauntology: Twilight Streets and Dark Horizons – a 2019 panel event arranged by HAUNT Manchester in association with Not Quite Light, as well as the 2019 Haunt Manchester network fair. Jane’s more recent photography work often encounters the dramatic impact of the British landscape, with a range of prints available – contact Jane for further details. Alternative perspectives and a sensitivity to environment is a key feature across Jane’s work, including her drawings – with her previous Terrain: Anatomical Landscapes derived from walks around the UK and detailing features of the landscape within sections of the human body. Evocative, intimate artistry which can be explored online. 

S.W.A.L.K Creative


Celebrating the work of local artists is at the heart of S.W.A.L.K Creative, a shop and showcase founded by Megan Price and based in the much-loved Afflecks. Although Afflecks is currently closed due to the public health situation, many of the traders have online links and shops (visit the Afflecks site to see the full selection of shops)… including S.W.A.L.K Creative. Browse a range of beautiful and affordable art curated from a range of local talents, plus eco-friendly cards, postcards, clothing (including this great t-shirt Megan is pictured wearing, above) and more! They are currently sending out items able to fit through a postbox to avoid unnecessary trips to the post office.

The Fox Fairy

A beautiful art gallery bringing together a range of local illustrators and jewellers, based in Afflecks but with plenty available online. The Fox Fairy often incorporates nature and folklore in the artistry involved, with the artists being:  Lyndsey Green Illustration, Sophie Corrigan, Kate Conaghan, Wraptious, Meha Hindocha, Duck and peach, Charlotte Hicks, Kendal Nicholson, Daniel Nelson, and Elisabeth Neveux Illustration. From fairy-tale-inspired illustrations and risograph prints incorporating elements of tattoo art, to pictures for children and works featuring in Manchester, there is so much to see. Browse online and celebrate inspiring local creativity that doesn’t shy away from delving into the bold, weird and wonderful.


Earth Friendly Rocker

Ethically-minded beauty, bathroom and kitchen products inspired by rock, metal and alternative culture: that’s the approach of EarthFriendlyRocker! The creation of the inspiring artist and creative Lauren Hutchinson, EarthFriendlyRocker has a physical store in Afflecks and is also online. From solid shampoo and bamboo toothbrushes to cleaning sets and eco-friendly kitchen sponges, the range of products puts environmental awareness at the centre – minimising waste wherever possible, and many items are vegan-friendly too. There is even a baking range, some rather cool t-shirts and even a section for pets! Wanting to cut your carbon footprint with savvy products? This is the place to look.

Joni Grace Indolent


Edgy artistry, prints with a punkish vibe and t-shirts with impact – all the creations of Joni Grace Indolent. Joni is a Manchester-based artist whose work has attitude, often incorporating fiery slogans such as ‘Kindness Is An Act Of Anarchy’ and a clear eye for design. We particularly like the Peterloo 200 tee, printed to order and bespoke!

Vinyl Resting Place

The go-to place for all your vinyl needs! Located on the top floor of Afflecks, why not show Vinyl Resting Place some love on social media whilst the building is currently closed? The shop is after all well-known for its huge range (thousands!) of second-hand LPs, 12"s and 7"s, as well as CDs, covering a range of genres. From rock and metal to Electronica, Disco, Industrial and so much more; you are spoilt for choice! Owner Alistair, who founded Vinyl Resting Place in 2014, always ensures a plentiful section and warm welcome, and will be listing a number of records on discogs to buy online in coming weeks. Stay tuned on the socials for details.

Thunder Egg

Thunder Egg

Starting its life inside Afflecks in 1990 and then going on to open a store on Oldham Street, Thunder Egg takes pride in offering unique and exciting clothing, often with a quirky edge to catch the eye. Although the store is closed, the website is open for orders – with dispatch details (possible delays in terms of the public health situation) also included there. Whether you want a cute piece of clothing with a kitsch print (dinosaurs are a big hit!) or something to make a statement, there is plenty to browse online with Thunder Egg. Vintage-inspired dresses, pinafores, colourful dungarees, coats and skirts are just some examples of their stock – and there is also a menswear and unisex section. Their range is sourced from a combination of contemporary labels, including Sugarhill Brighton, Compañia Fantasica, Run & Fly, Noisy May and many more! And if that wasn’t enough, they also have an extensive accessories range – including bags and jewellery – plus home décor features too. Get ready to find something you’ll love.

Photography: Kate Trevor

Trippy Kitty

A fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2016, combining quirky clothing and accessories, a sense of humour and a dark edge – with a shop in Afflecks as well as an extensive website. Their online store is the place to browse for pop and internet-culture inspired funny t-shirts and other items, including mugs, accessories and headwear. From pun-inspired pieces to cheeky statements, there is plenty to make you laugh! Even better, 25% of all profits from a selection of t-shirts online will be going to the NHS. Have a look for yourself.



Alternative clothing, edgy accessories, colourful body jewellery, funny t-shirts and more – Rowfers makes an impact. The much-loved store is located in Afflecks (one of the longest established traders!) but there is also an extensive online shop so you can get your hands on alt-culture items of all kinds, including hair dye (in a fabulous range of colours), incense, bags and some brilliant gift ideas! Pictured above: Kim Taylor outside Rowfers, Afflecks - by Zarina Akhtar

Egoiste Gallery

An independent contemporary art gallery based in Afflecks, celebrating a variety of artists from the traditional to the progressive, featuring many iconic works – often with a Manchester connection. Just some of the artists include Baiba Auria, Stanley Chow, James Roper and Sonia Dalga. From brightly-coloured and pop-art inspired canvases, to fine art prints, works of sculpture, mosaics and photography; the fascinating range can be browsed online.

By Emily Oldfield, with input from Lucy Simpson