1. Lovescene

Lovescene are one of the newest groups at the centre of Manchester’s emerging soul scene, but making big waves regardless. Lead by Pops Roberts, the six-piece soul band homes in on heartbreak and the subsequent self-discovery. With influences ranging from the retro-soul sounds of Sade, Stevie Wonder and Prince to their modern contemporaries in UK broken beat, jazz and neo-soul. Lovescene's sound blends dance-floor energy, soulful harmonies and a cinematic atmosphere that gave rise to the band's name.

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2. Pale Waves

Pales Waves are an alternative pop band founded here in Manchester, after members met at BIMM in 2014. The quartet went on to be sign a record deal with Dirty Hit and have produced four hard-hitting albums. Their newly matured rock-pop and emotionally detailed lyrics captivate their fans and have solidified them as a Gen Z favourite. However, while they’ve got bewitching artistry, they also have another mission up their sleeve: activism. As a front-running band with two leading LGBTQ+ members, Pale Waves (and their shows) have become a safe haven for fans, choosing to write openly about their identities and life experiences.

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3. Alice Kanako aka Egg on Toast

Non-binary DJ Egg on Toast (Alice Kanako) has been spreading their sound all over Manchester and beyond for the past 2 years. Part of Not Bad For A Girl collective of women, non-binary and trans DJs across Manchester and London, their fun yet heavy energy spanning groovy, electro and ballroom sets have ventures all across Manchester. Providing sets at The Warehouse Project, regularly playing at well-loved Manchester venues such as SOUP, Partisan and The Derby Brewery Arms, and featuring on festival line-ups at No Bounds and Parklife.

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4. Lavendar Rodriquez

Manchester based, Hampshire grown Lavender Rodriguez explores afro-futuristic sounds, spinning plates of afrobeat, alternative soul/RnB and electronic dance music simultaneously. Their music celebrates the intersectionality of queerness, mixed race and the life experience they have built up so far. Lavendar is not only a solo artist, but a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer, having written for operas and contemporary theatre. Regularly performing in and around Manchester, they are one to keep an eye on.

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5. Atalaya

Atalaya is a multi-genre DJ bringing their unique blend of electronic and alternative track to Manchester and beyond. Regularly collaborating with local artists and platforming queer artists as a resident at Steam Radio. Their main creative endeavour at the moment lies in DJing, and but they also work as a performer, dancer and vocalist in and around the city. Atalaya incorporated their Spanish roots into their sets, by curating old school brazilian batucadas, Spanish and Latinx noughties pop with house charts music. 

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6. Strange Woman

Strange Woman is 19 year old rock singer and multi-instrumentalist, with a contemporary punk attitude and electrifying energy. Born in Edinburgh and living in Manchester, they’re performances showcase sexy, snarling, gritty riffs and driving drum beats, tied together with their signature rock scream. Lyrics centred around their experiences with love, gender expression, queerness and the difficulty of navigating youth culture in a socially volatile climate. Paired with punk fashion, grunge make up and an exhilarating stage presence, Strange Woman presents the chaotic, lovable and welcoming environment for all.

Listen here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4TAeL5sQXU/?igsh=MThsaXk4c3FhZWE5dw==