The UK’s longest running and, arguably, most beloved TV show, Coronation Street has aired almost 10,000 episodes, featured over 4,000 actors and, since it first appeared in December 1960, has kept viewers on the edge of their seats with 104 weddings, 43 births and 173 deaths! With a unique balance of gripping, daring storylines and charming wit, the show has provided decades of entertainment to audiences in the UK and, increasingly, worldwide.

Now, you have the chance to stroll the cobbles and get up-close to some of the most iconic landmarks in TV history. From the Rover’s Return to Roy’s Rolls, from Webster’s Autos to Underworld, and from The Kabin to the brand new 'Victoria Street' set extension featuring Weatherfield’s own Costa Coffee and Co-op, you can experience the intricate details that contribute to the show’s wonderful authenticity... there are even missing cat posters taped to lampposts!

The set’s use started in 2014 following an ambitious move from the original site alongside Manchester’s Granada Studios on Quay Street so it only seems right that the public are able to marvel at it by joining 2018’s brand new tour - the tirelessly welcoming, infinitely knowledgeable and suitably witty tour guides present the facts in an engaging manner, sharing intimate secrets of the new set’s homage to the show’s history as the tour progresses. They encourage visitors to capture the special occasion of the tour on camera and invite you to make yourself truly at home on the fully operational TV set. Ultimately, the guides genuinely appear to be members of the Coronation Street crew.

An absolute must for Corrie fans and a wonderful event for less familiar people alike, the tour will fascinate you, warm you and leave you feeling privileged to have entered into a palace of TV royalty!

Admission is £35 per person for the 60-80 minute tour.

There are professional photo opportunities available along the way and your memento of your unforgettable tour is available for purchase at the end of the tour for £10 (or 2 for £15).

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