Museum Explainer at the Science and Industry Museum

Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum has joined forces with BBC Bitesize Daily (produced at Media City UK in Salford) to bring the thrills and fun of science into living rooms across the country.

From Monday 29 June – Friday 3 July, the Science Museum Group will work with BBC Bitesize Daily, which airs every day on BBC iPlayer and Red Button, to deliver science lessons and further its mission of helping young people build more confidence in science. Children will have the chance to do tabletop experiments at home, led in the studio by expert Explainers from the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, while large-scale demonstrations will be conducted using exhibits at the Science Museum’s Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery in London.

BBC Bitesize Daily is the BBC’s biggest ever education offer. Its partnership with the Science Museum Group, which includes both the Science and Industry Museum and Science Museum, forms part of a bumper summer term of activities planned for school children aged five to 14.

The activities are inspired by the Science Museum Group’s extensive online resources, which have been designed to support learning from home and in the classroom.

During the week-long experiment extravaganza, the Science and Industry Museum’s team of expert Explainers will be encouraging learners to delve deeper into science by getting involved with hands-on activities at home and sharing their creations with BBC Bitesize and Science Museum Group online. They’ll be tasked with using everyday items to conduct engaging experiments, like making instant ice cream and using water to defy the laws of gravity. The wonderful world of science will also be revealed through spectacular experiments from the Science Museum’s Wonderlab, including the creation of a hydrogen balloon fireball and a journey through the human digestive system.  

BBC Bitesize Daily is available on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button. For more information on the Science Museum Group, visit or to view its online learning resources.