Did you know the Manchester film festival has been running annually since 2015? Did you know the festival is host to some film’s first UK screenings as well as several worldwide releases? Student films? Got em. Animated movies? Plenty. Nicolas Cage? Why not! Here’s a list of 11 simple things we think you might wish to know about MANNIF before its return next week.

1. It’s for Everyone

The festival is not just for industry or film students, it’s for anyone that enjoys cinema and artistic expression. Whether it’s a date night, a catch-up with friends, or even a surprise birthday gift! We know there’s something showing for everyone, so get ahead of the crowd and be the one to invite the rest. Don’t look back and regret not going to one of the biggest events in Manchester this year!

2. Exclusive screenings

This year’s festival has 6 world premieres AND 17 UK premieres. What does that mean exactly? It means you’ll get to see some of the best movies of the year before any of your friends, your colleagues, and even your nan! (Unless you bring her that is). Not only that, but the movies are chock-full of big movie names you’ll recognise such as Nicolas Cage, Timothy Spall, Bella Ramsey, Gemma Arterton as well as some up-and-coming actors you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2023.

3. All-star casts

In previous years some high-profile actors have actually been in attendance for guests to meet in the flesh. Michael Bisping helped promote the recent documentary around his rise to fame, aptly named ‘Bisping’. Fans filled the auditorium taking photos and many were even able to get some signed memorabilia to take home! Some other big names that have attended include Simon Pegg, Mark Gatiss, Hermione Corfield, even Shia LeBeouf. So there’s always that possibility that you’d get chance to see a movie icon in the flesh!

4. Tickets vs Passes

There are several ways to get into the screenings, full passes (£90) are exactly that, passes which gain you access to whichever and whatever screening at the film festival your heart so desires. With over 140 shorts, full feature movies, and documentaries this is certainly the best way to make the most of the event. However, there are also options for 5 tickets (£28) and 10 tickets (£50) which give you the freedom to pick and choose the films you want to see. It’s super simple to order your tickets and book which film session you want to attend on the website here!

5. Open Q&A Sessions

Some screenings will include open-question sessions following the showings. These could be with the cast, the director, or even both. We openly welcome the audience to get involved in these talks and it’s the perfect time to ask those burning questions about the film, the industry, or simply whether they prefer salted or sweet popcorn! Should you get nervous, we also have an easy-to-use app running throughout the week for you to ask digitally should you prefer.

6. Red Carpet Interviews

There will be red carpet interviews with the directors and/or cast just before their films are shown on the big screen. These are held about half an hour before the allotted screening time. These are accessible to any guest attending the festival. It’s these moments that take the event to the next level and we encourage attendees to even take selfies on the red carpet (when not in use) for home photos or perhaps socials, just be sure to tag @maniffofficial!

7. Award Winners

Some of the movies shown in previous years have gone on to win BAFTA awards (An Irish Goodbye) truly indicating that these films are indeed the crème de la crème of the film industry. This year we have an Oscar award nominee (The Red Suitcase) as one of the shorts, so don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the first to watch a possible award-winning movie and get your tickets now!

8. The Team

As well as the Odeon staff, you’ll be greeted by our incredible volunteer staff specifically chosen to aid you during the festival. These individuals are there because they too love film and want to help make the event as easy and accessible for you. We’re a happy, approachable bunch that can help answer all your questions regarding the festival. Look out for the MANNIF team and don’t be scared to say hi.

9. Best Movies of 2023

Our opening night movie, Rye Lane has 97% on rotten tomatoes. We hit the ground running with this UK festival premiere and it doesn’t stop there – Sirens 98%, Godland 90%, Rodeo 86%. We have incredible movies to make you laugh, make you cry but most importantly movies that will stay with you long after the drive home.

10. Trailers Online

Did you know there are a whole load of trailers on the MANNIF website? We can’t guarantee every film or short will have a trailer however we think sometimes it’s better to go in with a sense of surprise, don’t you? Still, we know some like to have a brief idea of what they are watching ahead of the booking, so check out the trailers now and see if anything catches your fancy before it’s too late.

11. Food and Drink

Confectionaries such as the classic popcorn and hotdogs, but also even hot chicken strips are available during the event just like any other night. So, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry during a trip to the cinema or missing out on your weekly dose of carbohydrates. This is particularly useful for those attending multiple screenings throughout the day, making the most out of those full-access passes. Ticket holders can even get 20% off at Almost Famous and 20% off at The Mews!

by Reece Donlan


Manchester Film Festival
Film still from Rye Lane

Once again Manchester Film Festival will take place over a full week from 15th-24th March at the Odeon, Great Northern with a line-up of films from around the world.



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