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Statues of Manchester

Wandering through the streets and squares of Greater Manchester you will come across a number of statues and memorials. In this blog post, we have rounded up some of the weird and wonderful statues on display in Greater Manchester. How many have you seen? Abraham Lincoln - Brazennose Street…

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Top Five Robots at the Museum of Science and Industry

Marketing Manager Nancy Hopkins shares her top five robots featured in the Robots exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry. Animatronic Baby A social media star in the making, this mechanical human baby has split opinion on our Facebook page. Some think it’s amazing, others have dubbed it…

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Toast set to open in Altrincham

Outstanding new casual dining restaurant, TOAST, opens in Altrincham, promising a laid back atmosphere, in the very best surroundings. A place where (almost) everything is served on toast, from all day breakfast dishes and light bites, to lunch mains and desserts; TOAST takes the ground floor of a…

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