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Let’s Save Christmas with Chester Zoo

What a year 2020 has been! It’s definitely been tricky, to say the least. But Chester Zoo is here to make sure the end of 2020 is NOTHING like the rest. We’re determined to SAVE CHRISTMAS… the Chester Zoo way! Chester Zoo has lots of wonderful ideas to help bring as much FUN, love and ways of…

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Top 5 Fusion Restaurants in Manchester

As one of the UK's most diverse and exciting cities, Manchester's food scene has exploded in recent years offering an incredible range of options across the city. Check out our roundup of the city's top 5 fusion restaurants. 1. Vermilion Restaurant and Cinnabar Vermilion Restaurant and Cinnabar…

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Stars support RNCM’s appeal to keep music playing

Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr are amongst the musicians, broadcasters and stellar alumni pledging their support to the Royal Northern College of Music’s appeal to keep music playing. The Chic superstar, who was recently made an RNCM Honorary Professor, and The Smiths guitarist emphasised the…

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The best dog walks in Manchester

Let Lola, the Cane Corso, guide you through some of her favourite places to be walked in Greater Manchester and beyond. Lola is a seven year old rescue Cane Corso (Italian mastiff) adopted from the Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue. Lola's human, Vince, is an experienced Cane Corso owner who has…

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