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Top 5 Hidden Green Spaces In The City

Over to UnfoldTheDay for her top 5 hidden green spaces in the city: For those of you who might have grown up, as I did, somewhere where green space was rather in abundance, or be visiting from a place where the company of grass is taken very much for granted, it can prove quite the culture shock…

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RHS Garden Bridgewater gets the go ahead

Artists impression of RHS Bridgewater The last stage in the planning process has been successfully passed to allow Salford’s £30 million RHS Garden Bridgewater to go ahead. City Mayor Paul Dennett and Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Director General, Sue Biggs, have welcomed news that the…

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Top 5 slices of Italy in Manchester

Owner of Salvi's and founder of Festa Italiana, Maurizio Cecco shares his top 5 Italian events and places in Manchester. Salvi's Of course I love Salvi’s! It’s my baby and the very best place for Italian food in Manchester. I had worked and lived in Manchester for 20 years and had always wanted to…

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Top 5 things to do with Dad

Spending time with your father doesn't have to be small talk about the new traffic lights or road works, here are 5 things to do with your Dad in Manchester: 1. National Football Museum Home to the world's largest collection of football memrobilia, the National Football Museum is heaven for…

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Manchester's Best Brewery Taps

Manchester’s brewing industry has experienced a remarkable boom in recent years. More than 80 breweries now operate across the Greater Manchester area, with the bulk of them popping up within the past 10 years. There are 15 in the city centre alone and this situation has given rise to another…

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Top 5 Back Street Boozers

Over to Corporate Dad for his Top 5 Back Street Boozers... Being an honorary Northerner having ventured up from the big smoke over 8 years ago, my eyes have been opened to the cultural offerings that Manchester has to offer. When I say cultural offerings, I of course mean the choice of alternative…

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9 highlights from the One Love Manchester concert

On Sunday 4th June Ariana Grande returned to Manchester with a number of global superstars to raise money for the We Love Manchester emergency fund. The concert was attended by 50,000 and watched by millions across the world. The Red Cross raised over £2 million on the night which included…

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Manchester with Love compilation album

Announcing 'Manchester With Love' compilation album: an outpouring of love from the Manchester music community celebrating our diversity and unity. Manchester With Love is a digitally-released compilation acting as an outpouring of love from Manchester’s world-famous music scene. Its aim is to…

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