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Haunt Manchester

10 Mysterious Music Venues in Manchester

What’s better than live music? Live music amplified by a layer of darkness and mystery. Manchester has a history of unusual and atmospheric gig venues – from the rough-around-the-edges nature of The Roadhouse to the buzz of the Boardwalk. There still are a number of out-of-ordinary places where you…

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A History of Manchester's Gothic Clubs

By Aidan Cross Often known for 'Madchester', Fac 51, The Haçienda and Acid House, Manchester’s club culture is not widely associated with Goth as a cultural or musical movement. Yet the city has a very strong and rich history of Goth clubbing and subculture, and so to overlook its Goth clubs would…

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Hidden and alternative places to eat in Manchester

From restaurants right underground to eateries tucked down alleyways, Manchester’s complex network of streets and snickets boasts a variety of alternative places to eat. And by alternative, that doesn’t just mean that the location is unusual – these places often serve exotic cuisine and are…

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A Gothic Guide to Afflecks

Afflecks (often affectionately known as Afflecks Palace) is a cornerstone of alternative culture, as well as Mancunian spirit. Spread across four floors in an ex-drapery business and department store at the heart of the Northern Quarter, here you will find over 100 small and independent businesses…

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Manchester’s Forgotten Burial Sites

There are a number of burial sites and cemeteries in Manchester which have themselves been buried over the years – whether by layers of history or new structures. Here Michala Hulme gives an account of some of the city's secrets: St Augustine’s Catholic Burial Ground, Granby Row 1820-1909 Date:…

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Moving Manchester’s ‘Tudor’ Shambles

The twentieth instalment as part of an ongoing series for Haunt Manchester by Dr Peter N. Lindfield FSA, exploring Greater Manchester’s Gothic architecture and hidden heritage. Peter’s previous Haunt Manchester articles include features on Ordsall Hall, Albert’s Schloss and Albert Hall, the…

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